Best beard styles for short hair. Cool Beard Styles Trends for Men in 2015

We’ve noticed that cool mens hairstyles always go with cool beards too. Beards look good and are comfortable to wear year, beard can hide neck flab, block the sun from burning your face and give you a life free from razor burn. It is important to really concentrate on the fact that a beard is half of the style of your head. Trimming, shaping, cleaning and maintaining is all part of this game. You can change the game depending on what beard style you would like. It’s the best time to get start growing a beard, which seem especially appropriate for windy fall and winter weather. What are some cool beard styles trendy in 2015? Check out these pictures of cool beard styles to find one that works for you. Short beard styles.

Full beard

Beards work every length, but a full beard is always trendy no matter what. Rather than scruffy beards that were popular for many years. Today’s well-shaved full beards are the name of the game. The length of the beard is neatly. A good beard trimmer is the part of the game as well. Not everyone can grow a thick beard, you need give you beard a chance. Check out how to grow and maintain a full beard here.

You’ll be seen as bold, stylish and self-confident when you’re wearing a balbo beard. Italian Air Marshall Italo Balbo, a Mussolini good during World War II bring this beard style to the free world. The Balbo is a good extended goatee that also goes along with a mustache. Do you know what style is Tony Star beard in this picture? Yes, it’s Balbo beard style. How to do a Balbo facial hairstyle, here is our detailed guide.

Designer beard (Designer Stubble)

Designer Stubble is everywhere it seems. A designer beard means a full beard made of stubble. This is one of the coolest beard styles and is very easy to maintain with a beard trimmer. The truth is this beard style booms the sales of beard trimmer in the last decade. For those guys who are still not sure, here are some designer stubble inspiration for you.

Short beard styles for round face

Short boxed beard

The Full Beard or Designer beard may not be the best idea beard style option for everyone. But, the Short boxed beard is the right choice for those guys who are not looking to go full mountain man. These isn’t much difference between stubble and short boxed beard, compared with stubble that need a few days growth. A short boxed beard needs a few weeks of growth. It’s just longer than a stubble beard. Sometimes, I called beard length below 3mm is stubble beard, while between 3mm and 1cm growth a short boxed beard. This is just my own opinion though.

Chin Curtain (Donegals)

Chin strap beard, which is also called Donegal, is essentially a full beard without the mustache. This beard is very short and thin in order to achieve the desired look. How to grow a chin curtain? The easiest way is growing a full beard with mustache, then shave off the mustache with a professional beard trimmer. Here are some Chin Curtain inspiration for you if you have not decided whether this beard is worth emulating.


For a Klingon style, you have a full beard and trim the upper lip, but you keep intact beards from the beard to the mustache. If you’re a huge fan of Star Trek, this beard style will help you face prosper. Yes, it’s look couldn’t be more real.

Beard styles for very short hair


Hollywoodian is one of the vintage beard styles and once had a golden era. As you see, the biggest difference between hollywoodian style and a short boxed beard is that the hollywoodian style has a longer disconnects from the facial hair to sideburns at the jawline. The Hollywoodian Beard is just for the rich and famous. It’s for you.

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