Styles of beard and mustache. Beard + Comb Pairings Illustrated Burton Levy

In flipping through the portraits within our friend Jessica Kaminski's MKE Beard Book, the diversity and creativity of the bearded men she photographed was such a treat to observe. From tight and trimmed to long and free, each beard had so much to say about the person behind it. These portraits also presented the perfect opportunity to suggest some beard/comb pairings based on her photos. No matter what type you're looking to tame, you're sure to find a similar beard--and the perfect comb--below. Beard and mustache styles.

Full Beard/Highly-Textured Hair + Brass Irving Comb

The Irving is a full size comb that's a great fit for all of the classic beard and mustache styles. You can select from both brass and stainless steel material, for those with highly-textured hair like our friend pictured above, we suggest the brass option. Brass has an especially soft finish that moves smoothly through long and textured hair. Not to mention the unique style and timeless appeal that's sure to become an heirloom.

Know a guy who'd benefit from a brass Irving for Father's Day? This comb is featured in the gift pack we've collaborated on with MKE Beard Book. Get yours here.

Close-Cropped Beard + The Papa David Comb

Our most popular comb, the Papa David is a great tool for keeping tight-cropped beards looking neat in the morning. Useful on new and longer beards, too, it's a great comb to keep on hand if you like to switch up your facial hair, since it'll work on whatever you grow. Papa David's classic style and smooth combing experience wins fans wherever it goes!

Beard and mustache style names

Mustache/Partial Beard + The Andrew Ryan Comb

For those who keep their facial hair slightly more minimal, may we suggest the Andrew Ryan? This little powerhouse is perfect for partial beards and both styled and natural mustache styles. The portable size is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day, and the funky design is modern and old timey all at once.

Hair Styling + The Aaron Gregory Hair Comb

Lest the hair on your head feel left out, the Aaron Gregory 's got it covered. The full-length style is great for short and medium-length haircuts. With gorgeous, clean lines and stainless steel material, this comb is built for durability. It's perfect for travel, and great for beard styling, too.

Superbeard + The Doyle Comb

Superbeards need a multi-purpose tool to keep everything in place. For that, we recommend the Doyle comb. The shorter length makes mustache styling a breeze, but it's still heavy-duty enough to tackle the most impressive of beards. Drop the Doyle in your pocket for mid-day touch ups and keep everything on point.

African american beard and mustache styles

Still curious about the best comb for you? Check out this longer post with a few more beard types included. And be sure to grab that Father's Day gift pack that features these beautiful bearded portraits and the brass Irving comb, available through June 1, 2016!

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