Male model beard styles. Meet the italian beard guy: model Marco Christmas Novella

Hi! I am Marco Christmas Novella, 32 years old, Italian guy. i love my my family, my girlfriend and my beard, i enjoy traveling and meet new people. Male model beard styles.

Modeling and posing for photographers

I started modeling when I was 20 cause I always had interest about traveling and meeting people from every part of the world with different cultures and experiences. Of course, I can’t deny that I enjoy to feed my ego sometimes and modeling is a way to do it getting paid to represent a brand during a shooting or a Gshow.

I am skinny guy so not very often photographers want to shoot me naked but it happened and I was fine with it.

I have been working for many designers in my life for shows and shootings as well, Before when I was shaved (9 years of my career) and then with beard the last 3 years, With the change of look it changed the kind of client I´ve been working for as well.

Male model facial hair styles

Fashion industry is still mainly about female products and so female models,so there are more chances for them to earn big money but. of course, competition is higher as well,

However I still like to have my own style and I still enjoy to take care about my look when I go out with friends, my girlfriend and for castings or parties.

I would describe my style as comfortable and sometimes trashy.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Male model beard styles

I would to my best to get wild with them and have a beer all together.

I don’t believe in super hero, We all can be super hero if we would just do a bit to make our world bit better, respecting each other without only follow power and hunting money like only reason of life

I like clubbing, events, music and people

I would be interested to work in public relations

Male model facial hair styles

Marco Christmas Novella

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