Civil war beard styles. Chesapeake man wins Civil War-era beard contest, Local News,

Beards – and other facial hair – were as much a part of the Civil War as ironclads, artillery and battle flags. Civil war beard styles.

The Civil War Beard Competition, now in its second iteration, attracted considerable attention during the annual Battle of Hampton Roads event recently held at the Mariners’ Museum's Monitor Center in Newport News. Several men from South Hampton Roads were among the winning contestants.

Competitors literally faced off in a variety of facial hair categories that ranged from styled mustache to full beard. Rob Schieber of Chesapeake won the free style category for his full beard styled in the form of an anchor.

“On and off, I’ve had a beard pretty much since I could grow one — since I was a senior in high school,” said Schieber, a member of the Hampton Roads Beard and ’Stache Society. “I was the only one in my category, so I wasn’t surprised when I won full beard free style."

Civil war era beard styles

Fred Rohr of Norfolk, also a member of the local Beard and ‘Stache Society, won in the styled mustache category.

“We do this for charities and a little bit of notoriety I guess,” Rohr said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Charles Abadam of Norfolk won in the styled partial beard category. He also was awarded best in show honors. “I did not expect to win – absolutely not,” Abadam said. “I always look for one of my teammates to win. Rob Schieber, he’s always winning best in show or in the running for it. It was definitely a surprise for me.”

Civil war beard styles

Dominick Detell of Virginia Beach walked away with natural full beard (2 inches to 12 inches) honors. Detell won the natural full beard (2 inches to 6 inches) competition last year. Detell never predicts that he will win the competition. He intentionally lowers his expectations so he won’t be disappointed later. He relies on inspiration from others.

“My girlfriend liked it. She said, ‘I like beards, and I like the beard on you. Keep growing it,’ ” Detell said.

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