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This summer we are seeing this particular look really take off with men who like to keep a little stubble but still embrace an air of “clean cut hero”. It’s a great choice for those with an oval face shape or a round face shape. The weight that the beard creates at the chin helps to accentuate your facial angles and really adds to the structure of your face. Think of it as an optical illusion for your face, you bearded magician. Some products that are great for this look are the Underground Barber Beard Oil, which will help keep your exposed skin-and beard-soft all summer long.

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This is one of the most versatile trends this season as it caters to nearly every facial shape and whatever temperature the weather decides to throw at you this summer. The beard itself suits any face shape thanks to the perfectly even placement-notice how it isn’t zoned in on one specific area like the above “standard beard”.

Black barbershop beard styles

The even placement over the bottom of the face ensures that it doesn’t increase weight or focus on any one area. It’s also a great choice for the summertime, as it is neither too heavy (causing a heat stroke on you bearded warriors!) but also allows you to keep your gruff and grizzly style. Keep your beard soft this season with Underground Barber Beard Moisturizer.

Feeling the call to shave your beard off? Or perhaps you are already a fan of the clean cut hero’s put together style? This is a great option for the warm summer months because it allows you to stay cool and gives you that boyish charm. It’s a great way for those trying to appeal to all the beautiful ladies as you hang out poolside this summer.

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Barber beard styles

If you want to look as refreshed and smooth as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl (my personal #MCM every day of the week-be still, my heart) check out the Underground Barber After Shave Balm with Sandalwood. It will help keep your skin soft and supple and it smells fantastic.

Which style are you going with this season? One one hand, beards are such a versatile style, allowing customization for nearly any facial type out there. On the other hand, getting rid of it allows you to enjoy summer activities without feeling like you’re going to die of a heat stroke. There are so many options and reasons to choose to keep the beard or say goodbye…Which will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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