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Beards have been in fashion for the past few years. 2013 saw a stark rise in their popularity with many men choosing to put down the razor in favour of a more rugged look. Opinions on beards are very divided to say the least. People who don’t like beards often argue that they are too scruffy and unhygienic while many men and women who prefer facial hair believe it exudes masculinity and confidence. Big man beard styles.

It seems like there is no in between when it comes to liking or disliking a beard. Whatever your opinion of them may be, it’s evident that everyone wants to know if it will still be around for another year.


A beard is seen as a form of self-expression by many men. A-listers have been scoping the world of beards by being major influences to men’s facial hair and creating beard style trends. Celebrities such as Micheal Fassbender and that manly fellow from the TV show Vikings (see below and try not to get beard envy) have been increasing the popularity of beards while keeping them credible for masculine men who don’,t want to be deemed a hipster.


Different trends have resulted in different styles of facial hair coming into fashion. This has resulted in men visiting the barbers more often in the hopes of achieving a bearded look that is currently fashionable. The big question is, are the days of beards numbered? For people who loathe men’s facial hair, you could be pleased to hear, it’s popularity appears to be declining.

Big man beard styles

This is also good news for men who are unable to grow a full beard and people who don’,t want to look at poorly groomed monstrosities. Take a look at the honest effort from this dude!! Feel his pain and rejoice for him if the beard trend is passing.

Since late 2013, people have been predicting the end of the beard. This has never really happened as the beard has been in fashion for about four years now. The beard trend was revived by hipsters and quickly became more main stream. 2017 could be the year the beard finally gets the chop. (witty pun –, smug laugh)

So is it really the death of the beard? Nowadays, every guy seems to be sporting a beard. For those who dislike seeing beards on every single man, don’t celebrate just yet. It could take a while for the freshly-shaven look to make a come back, after all t is predicted that facial hair for 2017 will be much shorter. The increase of stubble and moustaches are having an affect on the beard of course.

Big man beard styles

The rise and fall of facial hair trends coincides with the increase of time men spend grooming themselves. Men tend to spend a lot more time getting ready in the bathroom now than ever before. As a result, men’s grooming products are now a worldwide multi-million industry and more guys are interested in understanding the basics of looking after yourself and are possibly merging into METROsexuals.

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