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Men’s Hairstyles to Match with Beards

If you have a beard than you perhaps find it difficult to match it with the right hairstyle. Not any hairstyle can go with beards but there are several styles that are perfect for your cool beard and will provide you with the best masculine look. So, have a look at the following string of men’s hairstyles to match with beards. Backcombed Hairstyle Mens beard hair styles.

The first one is the comeback hairstyle which is a classy and very elegant hairstyle to be combined with beards and with a classy suit. You’ll surely feel the masculinity it brings. It also allows you have your hair out of your face and adds a touch of seriousness to your entire look. It’s very seductive.

The edginess and the sharpness of side line can make your hairstyle more eye-caching. It works with any kind of beard and is quite masculine. You can sport it for formal meetings, for a wedding day or just at the office.

Though today women go for a side shaved haircut but actually it’s super masculine hairstyle that looks perfect with beards. Having the crown part of your hair in a medium length and shaving only the sides you’ll get a smashing and very attractive hairstyle. You can style it on short straight hair as well as on curly hairstyles. It’s one of the trendiest styles for 2017.

Men's facial hair style guide

Medium length hairstyles are sometimes too much for many men who are always busy and don’t have that much time to style their locks. But those who like medium length hairstyles find them very beautiful. But if you like to have a more masculine and handsome look you’d better combine it with any kind of braid be it a big or a less-haired one.

Since top knots are more feminine than masculine hairstyles men wearing them should definitely combine it with beards. These are the hairstyles that do require beards to look masculine. If women make their too short boyish haircuts subtler with the help of delicate hair colors then man with top knots should keep their beards long. This is the best solution for a masculine-looking top knot. You can use this style in 2016 as it’s one of the trendiest hairstyles for men.

These are the best hairstyles any man with a beard can rock. Here were represented both short and long hairstyles but as you have already noticed the dominant style is from medium voluminous to long.

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