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Who says fashion is only for women, even men have the right to look the best. As time passes fashion changes from clothes to hair and the same goes for men’s beard style. They also keep experimenting with their looks from time to time. Here are some new entries into the fashion fiesta. Fashion beard styles.

Let’s look out for some of the out of the league beard styles for men:-

The shorter long beard:-

For those who have extensive facial hair growth, this style will perfectly suit you guys out there. While it might take a lot of patience to let your facial hair grow completely but when things will work out, it will be completely worth the wait. It will give you a little rugged look, the beard will follow the shape of the face and the bottom of the beard lies two inches below the chin.

The short beard:-

If you want a in between look varying from a coarse and long beard to a subtle look, then this short beard look can completely justify your needs. Short beard would not require a lot of grooming and trimming, so it would be easy to take care of them. A short beard is a versatile style, it gives you a rugged and smarter look altogether. The shape follows the face’s angles and the beard is kept close to the cheeks.

Fashion beard styles 2015

The mustache: –,

Mustache suits most of the men out there, giving them a gentlemen look . There can be various twists which you can bring out in your style. For this style you need to have a more pronounced growth on the upper lips.

The stubble:-

For men who don’t want overgrown hair on their face this is something to look out for. Let your hair grow till it gets itchy and see that the growth follows on your bone structure and don’t trim in that area, rest you can wet shave everything else.


Also known by the name sideboards, side whiskers and mutton chops. Side burns suits most of the face shapes but totally go for ones with long faces. Once you get a growth of almost two weeks shave off your neck and face taking care that you have to leave behind a good bunch near your side burns, followed by trimming off your burns to our desired length and finally cleaning off the bottoms of the burns.

Beard styles in fashion

I am sure you would certainly try some of these beard styles till you find the best for you.

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