Beard styles in fashion. 45 New Beard Styles for Men That Need Everybody’s Attention

A new beard style can go a long way to define your personality. Facial hair are a great tool to groom your face. Beard styles for men help them play up with their facial features and one can seriously highlight a part or draw attention away from a specific feature. Fashion beard styles.

Beard Styles for Round Face

Round face calls for an angular beard style so we can&rsquo,t ignore round face beards when we talk about optimal beard styles for men. Before opting for any of the styles given below, you should know your face shape.

Remember, whatever face shape you have, your beard should go in line with your jaw line and it should pull off a finely graduated oval shape. Round face types should grow their beards with more hair on the bottom and less on the sides as it will give the face a nice angle.

Check out these beard styles for men that only a round face should wear:

Beard Styles for Black Men

Fashion facial hair styles

Black men have a dark complexion and jet black hair so it is important for them to grow their beards only on the right place so it could make them look attractive. However, it may not be possible for every man to grow his facial hair on the proper place because lack of scruff may give them a tough time.

Black men love to grow mustache and light beards and they are known for their masculinity all over the world. So we can find dozens of beard styles for black men. Mustache and beard is a sign of power and manliness but obviously every black man can&rsquo,t fit it into his bag. Sometimes, it is only possible to grow hair on specific areas on your face and you have to compromise on the rest.

Black men&rsquo,s favorite beard style is goatee and it needs regular maintenance, otherwise it will lose its fascination. Check out other beard styles that are mostly worn by black men:

Beard Styles for Curly Hair

Curly beards are seriously difficult to grow. Men with curly hair often complain that as soon as their hair grows more than an inch, their beards go into a wrong direction. It is a huge problem for them to grow their curly beards in the desired direction.

Fashion beard styles

Although it is necessary to keep the beard clean for everyone but it is trickier for people with curly hair. They should condition their beard at least once a week, and comb it every time they go in front a mirror. It is equally important to keep patience and shave your beard a few times before growing it into the shape you want. Look at these beard styles for men with curly hair.

Beard Styles for Indian Youth/Men

Indian men believe that beard is the thing that differentiates boys from men and by growing a nice beard, a boy actually turns into a man. Almost a decade ago, it was a myth that clean shave men look smarter but trends have been changing as more and more young boys are growing beards.

Even women find bearded men to be more attractive so beards have become a style statement. We should also acknowledge Indian super stars who have given rise to this trend. Be it Ranveer Singh, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshey Kumar, or Hritik Roshan, all look quite handsome with beards on their faces. Check out these pictures for inspiration.

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