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If it’,s time to shave your beard, these beard styles will make the loss more bearable.

It happens sometimes, you’,ve been growing your beard but now it is time to shave it off. Maybe you are going to BYU, your wife scheduled family pictures, or you’,re going to be the best man at your buddy’,s wedding. Whatever the reason, rather than lose your beard all at once, you can take it down by degrees with these beard styles. You can gradually transition to a clean shaven look over a few days and these 5 beard styles will make grooming down your facial hair fun and exciting. Beard shaving styles.

Don’,t you just hate it when you shave your beard off and everyone has to point it out? “,I know I shaved, you don’,t have to rub it in.”, I sing in a choir and twice a year I have to be clean shaven for performances. I often go through this exercise and it isn’,t too fun.

Beard Style #1: Full Beard

The Full Beard is the Classic style beard. It is pretty easy to maintain, you just might need to clean up your cheeks and neckline a bit. If your beard grows slower, you might want to start growing the full beard on vacation or at week long scout camp so when you return you will have a good starting base.

Beard shaving styles

As I was growing out this beauty I used the trimmer comb attachments to make sure my beard length was uniform. Some hair grows faster than other areas of the face, so the varied length trimmer really came in handy while my beard was growing out.

Beard Style #2: Extended Goatee

The first beard style I transitioned to was the Extended Goatee. It is a combination of the mustache and the goatee, but the goatee goes back along the jawline. It is a little li

Beard shaving styles

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