Beard styles with their names. Names of Facial Hair Styles You Need to Know

Guys, you may already know how trimming your facial hair is more difficult than trimming the hair growing on your head. Well, if you are not the type of guy who love being clean shaved, the chance is you have seen many facial hair styles pictures. Some suit you, some do not. Even so, it does not mean knowing the names of facial hair styles are less important. To help you communicating with your barber better, use these facial hair styles names to choose one without having to show picture (or your helpless description)! Beard styles names.

The basic facial hair styles always start from the five o’clock shadow after you get yourself clean shaved. This is the result from not shaving after one or two days. It is scruffy and many girls find it sexy. The five o’clock shadow can be easily turned into manicured scruff, including short beard. Well, speaking of short beard, you do not need to worry about rocking this style without looking like a homeless person, since it looks great on your suit the way five o’clock shadow does.

Other simple facial hair styles most people may have known are goatee, circle beard, and balbo. They are often interchangeable too, referring them as one type of facial hair style. It is mostly due to the formation that is similar to each other: your stache meets up with a soul patch and/or a goatee. Even so, circle beard is often referred to stache meeting up with both soul patch and goatee while goatee itself refers to facial hairstyle with no soul patch.

Names for beard styles

Then, we have the classic gentleman moustache. As we all know, moustache is one of the most renowned facial hair styles aside from beard. Moustache in general has various lengths and thickness. For easy example, take a look at Charlie Chaplin moustache and compare the ‘stache with John Water’s or Frank Zappa’s. Even though the basic follicular formation on every moustache name and style remains the same, you can see how different types of moustache have different impression.

Speaking of moustache, one of the most popular facial hair styles you may have often seen is the handlebar style. A gamer who loves playing Super Mario Bros. surely will notice this moustache style, which is similar to Mario’s and Luigi’s. However, the popularity of this moustache style is actually due to the hipsters. As you can see, the unique shape of this moustache style becomes one of reasons why it is so popular even until now—bushy and long ‘stache with upward and pointy ends.

Beard styles names

Last but not least, we have horseshoe as one of facial hair styles you need to know, mostly due to its popularity. Well, if you have no idea what horseshoe moustache is, you surely are already familiar with Hulk Hogan, aren’t you? The reason why it is called as horseshoe is its upside-down U shape. Another popular name often used for the horseshoe moustache is biker ‘stache sine it is popular among Harley Davidson riders.

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