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Beard styles for bald guys has raised many questions in the past, however, with time, fashion evolves and trends change as well. Beard styles are the next fashion statement for bald people. Some may find it difficult to figure out how to wear a beard with a shaved head and what styles to follow. Don’,t worry, though, there is hope. We are here with the most becoming beard styles bald men you could possibly find. Bald head beard styles.

Beard Styles for Bald Guys

Many celebrities have opted for this look to be their signature style. Hugh Jackman for his movie ‘Pan’, has adopted this look and proved it the best possible among many beard styles for bald heads. The great thing about these goatee styles for bald men is there are a lot of variation that you can put in, which makes it a versatile option. Combining a mustache with a goatee, you can connect the two, leave it unlinked or vary the length. There is no end to the possibilities.

Give ample time for your beard to grow to your desired goatee length. Shave off the hair on your cheek and neck. Carve out the goatee, broadening it across the jaw to your liking. You can pair any style of the mustache with the look. Opt for the one that compliments your style and you are good to go.

Although some regard it as a risky choice, there is nothing more attractive than the stubble beard style. For bald heads or hair alike, this look goes high on the fashion meter. It looks particularly eye-catching when a bald man has some hair on the sides of its head. It definitely gives off an aura of sophistication and style. With short or medium length hair all around the lower face, this style has turned heads when David Beckham wore it in his shaven head days. Jason Statham, the star of the movie ‘Transporter’, is also known to slay his fans with this look.

Bald head with beard styles

According to the length of the stubble, you wish for, grow your beard. Shave off the excess hair on your cheek and the under chin area to try and focus more of these hair on your lower face. Doing this also give off a cleaner and professional look that is hard to miss.

Of the many options, the full beard stands out as one of the unique beard styles for bald man. It actually acts to counter the baldness and can be your best choice if sophistication and elegance are more your aims. It can be traditional, but there are many ways in which you can customize the look to make it more modern. Who else to do justice to the look than the ‘Sixth Sense’, actor Bruce Wills, who looks a fashion plate with this choice of beard style.

Growing a full beard requires patience and hence you have to forget your hair for a good 6 months. Once it reaches this standard length, you can trim it to give it shape and cut the mustache to your liking. Get the style which looks best on you.

Beard styles for bald head

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The easiest option to go for in these vast arrays of beard styles for bald men is to grow a moustache. This can be your face look if a high maintenance beard style is not your cup of tea. You can grow one alone or you can match it with a soul patch to make it more attractive.

You only need to lengthen the hair on your upper lip. Shave off the hair on the rest of the face as normal. Once the appropriate length is achieved, cut the moustache with a pair of scissors to achieve your desired look.

Beard styles on bald head

Of course, being bald, it can be hard to decide what will look good on you. Your entire style game can change accordingly. The many beard styles for bald guys portrayed in this piece can surely help all the bald men out there to choose the look of their liking. Remember, your style is your representative. Carry it with your head held high and nail it!

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