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What Beard Style Is Right for You?

Finding the right beard style can be challenging for your head shape. As the beard scene in San Diego explodes, barbershops are growing in popularity. The beard is becoming a more necessary accessory to the modern man. How to trim beard styles.

18|8 Little Italy compiled the list of the best beards for you. No matter your head shape size from diamond to square to everything in between, there’s a beard style that works you.

Heart Shaped Face

If your forehead is wider than your cheekbones and jawline, you have a heart shaped face.

We recommend you grow lengthy beard to balance out your head shape.

Below are 2 of our favorite beards for heart shaped faces.

The Bandholz Beard

This epic beard is a symbol of masculinity. It garners immediate respect because of its length and the time and energy a man invested into it.

Best part is that it’s memorable –, you’ll be remembered as the guy with “an epic beard”.

Be patient –, this beard may take a few months to fully grow. Before reaching its full length, it looks less than ideal.

Don’t shave for about 4 months. Your hair may look patchy and unkempt. Keep growing until it can’,t grow any longer. Shape and cut about 7 months after.

Balbo Beard

For men with these face shapes we recommend beards with short sides. Cleaner and trimmed beards tend to look better. Oval shaped faces tend to be the most versatile when it comes to beard styles.

We recommend these 2 beards for oval shaped faces.

Circle Beard

Simple beard that has never gone out of style. Looks great for men of all ages and backgrounds. Easy to maintain because you only shave occasionally.

Requires a man to grow a full moustache and beard.

Beard styles and how to trim them

Avoid shaving or trimming for a short while about a month or so. Best to visit a salon to achieve the perfect circle shape or else it looks off. As soon as a salon gives you the perfect circle shape, you can trim and shave on your own.

Van Dyke

This beard style named after 17th century Flemish painter Van Dyke is quite memorable. It’s a stylish beard that’s uncommon and can only be crafted with delicate precision. Perfect for men with pointy chins to accentuate their head shape.

Shaping the beard is not easy as it requires multiple shaves and precise cuts.

Wait until your beard becomes long stubble. Shape your beard using a high quality razor. Shave off the hair on your neck, cheek, and sideburns but eave your moustache alone. Shape your beard by forming an upside down T.

Let the beard on your chin grow until reaches about 2 inches. Trim once in a while to achieve the V shape.

Square Shaped Face

If your face is roughly similar in measurements all around you have a square shaped face.

Men with this face shape tend to have sharp jaws. We recommend not getting straight lined beards because they bring out the pointedness of your jawline. Keeping your beard rounded or triangular compliments your face.

We recommend these 2 beards for square shaped faces.

Extended Goatee

A beard that’s adaptable and easy to shape. It also tends to bring more balance to the face.

Not every man with a square shaped face can pull this look. It requires plenty of swagger and confidence.

Grow your stubble to a medium length (3-5 mm). Shave off your sideburns and adjust the width according to your preference. Do not shave off your moustache.

Mutton Chops

Great for making your face look wider.

How to shape beard styles

Requires lengthy sideburns, which seem unappealing when not groomed.

Let your sideburns and moustache grow until they meet. Shave the hair on your chin up to your lower lip. Grow the sideburns until they become fluffy. Shape accordingly.

Triangle Shaped Face

If your jawline measures wider than your cheekbones, you have a triangle shaped head.

In essence, it’,s the opposite of a heart shaped face. Making sure that your beard is not too wide is key to making your head shape look good.

If you’,re triangle shaped, we recommend getting a full beard

Full Beard

The full beard has never gone out style and looks good on almost all men, but particularly well with triangle face shaped men.

Takes months to fully develop. Not everybody can get it because of how much time it requires to grow out.

Growing a full beard depends on your genetics. You need to have hair that can grow all over your face. Grow it out until it’s medium stubble and shape it evenly using a razor. Stop shaving for 6 weeks until you attain the full beard. Trim regularly to maintain the length.

Rectangular Shaped Face

If your face length is the longest compared to cheekbones, jawline, and forehead, you have a rectangular face.

Make sure to not get a beard that accentuates your chin. Long and wide beard styles are great because they add more dimension to your face. Messy beards are great too because they make your face look wider.


Epic and masculine beard that looks great messy. It’s wide and deep which is great for rectangular faced men. You also look like you spend too much time outdoors.

You have to be okay with letting your beard reach maximum length. Minimum time required is 4 months.

Beard styles and how to trim them

Grow your beard for many months (at least 4). When it reaches about 15-20 cm, trip and shape the lower area to round it out. Keep your mustache’s length neat and in check. Don’t use too many products because it’s supposed to look natural –, for an ideal Garibaldi look, the cheek and mustache areas should be kept trimmed once in a while, while the chin area grows naturally.

Any shape

If you’re head shape is unique and listed as any of the above, you should try growing stubble.

For beards, there is no true right or wrong style –, only recommendations that compliment your face. If you don’t want to grow a full beard try different length stubble.


Growing your stubble works for any man.

Short stubble is about 1-2 mm long. Sometimes that takes less than a full day for a man to grow. It’s great to grow short stubble if you just want to have a slightly messy chiselled look.

Medium stubble is about 3-5 mm long. It can take a few days to about a week to grow it. It tends to look scruffier but when properly maintained gives you masculine bravado.

Long stubble is about 6-7 mm long. It gets trickier to maintain and needs more care to look good. Achieving this look takes about a week or two and can be shaped to look like many different types of beards.

Where To Get The Best Shave

Get any beard style you want. 18|8 offers classic straight shaves to compliment any head shape. It’s perfect for men who take their beards seriously. Whether you want to keep your beard in line or shape it in a completely fresh way, we got you covered.

Call (858) 225-7088 or make an appointment for a straight shave San Diego here.

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