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Men’,s facial hair styles come and go depending on the fashion season or political climate. Some years, having a goatee is the cool thing to do, while at other times, like right now, having a beard is one of the easiest ways men can express their style and virility. A beard can make the next baby-faced man look like a tough badass. However, not all beards grow alike. Some men are able to grow big, bushy beards à la Houston Rockets shooting guard (and Khloe Kardashian’,s new beau) James Harden, while others try and try again only to discover a strange pattern of patchy facial hair. Man beard styles.

If you’,re in the patchy facial hair camp, skip turning to the Internet for various hair growth potions and cures and get answers from Dr. Carlos Charles, a New York-based dermatologist who founded Derma Di Colore, a practice specializing in skin care for people of color.

Bevel Code: What is going on when a guy has patchy facial hair?

Dr. Carlos Charles: Patchy facial hair can occur in several settings. For one, certain men have a somewhat patchy distribution of facial hair from the onset of growth. This can simply be their natural distribution of facial hair. However, there are also instances where patchy hair growth develops after an initial full beard has already been established. This can be the result of several various processes with the most common being a condition called alopecia areata. This condition is an autoimmune disorder in which the body is mounting a response against the hair on the face causing it to shed in a patchy distribution. This condition is common and treatable through various methods.

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Dr. Carlos Charles: There are several treatments for alopecia areata. First, normal full hair growth sometimes comes back on its own without treatment. When it doesn’,t, it can be managed either with topical creams that locally decrease the body’,s inflammatory response against the hair or through local injections that work similarly.

Bevel Code: How long would it take for results to show on a man’,s face?

Dr. Carlos Charles: Response times to treatment are extremely variable. Occasionally, with the correct treatment hair growth will occur within the first months of treatment. However, more commonly hair growth will take place over the course of several months with appropriate treatment. There are also cases where minimal growth occurs despite best efforts for treatment.

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Bevel Code: You’,ve treated men with alopecia areata in the past. Would you say the condition takes a psychological toll on them?

Dr. Carlos Charles: Absolutely. Hair growth is intimately associated to a man’,s identity whether we are talking about scalp or facial hair. From a diagnostic and treatment medical perspective, we take hair thinning very seriously at Derma di Colore and will work hard to ensure that normal growth is re-established.

Bevel Code: As you said before, some men will have results, while others won’,t. When should a man learn to accept his beard just won’,t grow?

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Dr. Carlos Charles: Any man with new onset patchy hair growth should be thoroughly evaluated and treated by a dermatologist. If hair growth cannot be stimulated after several months of treatment, one must reevaluate the treatment approach. (Editor’,s Note: or #GetBevel and go clean

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