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What To Wear When It Comes To Hair?

A breath of fresh hair

Recently I was presenting the keynote on personal brand at the CPA Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta conference entitled Professional Presence. It generated quite a bit of questions on the subject of beards, avant-garde hairstyles, and bold hair colour at the office. Beard shaving styles.

Hair-raising advice

The CPA Alberta magazine included an article of my advice entitled What to Wear When It Comes to Hair. Here are a few of my tips below. ( link to the photos and magazine article)

Hair colour tips

When it comes to colour, you want the focus to be on your skills and talents rather than on your vibrant blue or purple hair. Choose colours and highlights that are not extreme, yet define your style. For the best effect, choose a shade that harmonizes with your skin tone and your natural hair colour.

Hairstyle tips for women

While hair does not have to be short, it should appear well-managed and controlled. Graduated bobs work well and there is also a new style called the “lob,” which is a bit of a longer bob and is attractive on most women.

Beard shaving style

Hairstyle tips for men

If your hair is very fine or thinning, a shorter cut will look more distinguished. The ‘hipster’ look that is currently in vogue (closely cropped sides and fuller on the top) is attractive on young and youthful men, but take caution that it’s not too extreme.

Beards at the office?

Here are some tips and advice if you want to sport a beard at the office:

If you have very dark hair, a full beard may make you look stern and unapproachable.

Beard shaving style

In conservative industries, stubble can be perceived as if you had a rough night out and forgot to shave.

To avoid that awkward in-between phase of stubble when starting a beard, you might want to start growing your beard while you are on vacation.

Click for photos and complete CPA Alberta magazine article.

Beard shaving style

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