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Beard styles for black men come in a range of lengths and looks. From short patterned ones to full grown beards, the beard styles suited to the darker skin are no less varied. Being a black guy, it may be often hard to choose what and what not to go with. To clear these doubts of yours, we have put together an entire rainbow of styles to choose to your liking. Give them a look to get updated about what is hot today and decide which ones would suit your face shape and your personality. Black beard styles.

Beard Styles for Black Men

More commonly, these beards are known as the three-day beard. Black men can really illuminate their personality with this look. However, as easy as it sounds, the beard is pretty difficult to maintain. Special attention needs to be given to the cheeks and neck to keep them well shaven and make the small patch around the chin carry hair. Any excess hair growth can turn this look from stylish to downright shabby in a moment.

Very popular among the black community, this beard style claims the room when it enters into the gathering. A small beard under the chin or lengthening the entire look, this style gives you the option to experiment and still look cool. Jason Momoa, the famous Khal Drogo of Games of Thrones has charmed the hearts out with this sophisticated look.

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Many black men beard styles come and go, however, none can be as simple and yet, as becoming as the soul patch. This look comprises of a single soul patch at the lower lip. If it suits, chances are you look quite gorgeous. You can also pair it with other alterations of facial hair styles to come up with a look that goes best with you.

Black male beard styles

Sculpted beards are the new fashion statement for the black celebrities this year. From the famous singer Flo Rida to Jason Derulo, to the Weekend, all these singers have attempted this look and nailed it to perfection. The uniquely carved lines with defined contours combine any number of styles including a mustache with sideburns and low cut goatee. It can be your look too if you choose.

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This is a fusion of the mustache with a goatee forming the shape of an inverted tree. Many black actors in Hollywood have opted for this look to add to their grace and have done so with ease. Try it out to see if it complements you. In the event that it does, get ready because this style is sure to get you admiring peaks from everyone you know.

Among many beard styles for black men, This style is simply a dense strip of facial hair lining your jaw combined with a mustache to your liking. The charm of the style lies in the precision cut and although inviting, the style does not suit all. Among the few who did manage to pull this look off is 50 Cent, the famous singer who has not only adopted this unique fashion statement but has shown it off fearlessly.

Black man full beard styles

The Kimbo can be of your taste if you are looking for an out of the way beard style. This beard style for black men gets its fame from the legendary underground street fighter, Kimbo Slice, who was famous both for his looks and the way he made people shook. It is basically a full beard growing freely with as few amendments as possible. Not for everyone, this beard style can change your fashion game entirely, if it suits you, that is.

A blend of a chin curtain with a soul patch, this beard style for black men is the real winner with the ladies. Try this look to gain extra points on your appearance. If sophisticated mysteriousness is one of your traits, this beard style is definitely the one for you.

Here are some beard styles for oval face.

This unique look attempts to join a goatee, mustache, and soul patch in a unique circle that screams elegance with every cut. Kanye West has branded his name on this style. No one has carried this look longer or better than him. However, these beard styles for black men require some patience and precision, so get your shears and clippers ready.

Black beard line up styles

This strange name comes from the way in which this mustache is shaped. It has a 50/50 chance of adapting to your facial contours but if you are one of the lucky 50, this beard style is sure to be with you for long.

Year in and year out how to grow a beard question is there and its answer according to trends and styles change. The best beard styles for black men that have made the headlines this year so far have been showcased above. Match up, try out and decide!

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