Beard styles to hide double chin. Abraham Lincoln Beard Style: Chin Curtain Beard, Popular Beard Styles

Abraham Lincoln beard style can be tried for you who want to have beard. As we know that Abraham Lincoln is the important man in American history. In his biography, he is known as the American president who had beard. Chin beard styles.

Talking about his beard, actually facial hair stylish gives the name of his beard style. It’s called as chin curtain or chin strap beard. Besides that, somebody also calls it Lincoln or Donegal’s style.

If you want to know more about Lincoln style, you can check about it here. This article is going to tell you about Abraham Lincoln beard style.

History of Lincoln’s Beard

According to some history archives, somebody knows that Lincoln had beard without moustache. His beard is also kind of full beard. It grows from sideburn area till his chin fully. Besides full, it is also kind of thick beard.

Beard styles double chin

In a library of Detroit, there is an archive which states that why Lincoln didn’t have moustache. The archive states that there was a woman named Miss Bedell. She sent a letter to Lincoln. In that letter, she asked Lincoln to not grow a moustache. That’s why till the end of his life, Lincoln never saved moustache. He only grew beard which called a chin curtain beard.

Chin Curtain Beard Style –, Abraham Lincoln Beard Style

This style has certain characteristic. You have to grow beard from your jaw line till your chin area. That beard has to cover your jaw line till chin fully. Besides that, it has to be light too. But in this style, you don’t need to extend beard around your jaw line area. You only have to extend your beard under chin area. The most important thing of this style is you cannot grow the moustache.

This style became popular after Abraham Lincoln introduced this style in his era. Many American try to follow his style. Even in Christian, there is a habit to grow this beard without moustache. Some Christians have habit to grow chin curtain beard like Abraham Lincoln beard style after they get Baptist process. Besides that, cutting the moustache also become the rules of American military.

Chin strap beard styles pictures

So, finally having chin curtain beard was introduced by Abraham Lincoln. Although, it may be old fashion of style, but some American men still like this style. We can see some American have this beard. Those are all about Abraham Lincoln beard style.


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