Full beard style guide. Beard Styles - Bollywood s Facial Hair Style Guide

The beard is an important part of every man’s look –, whether it signifies who you are by its absence, or accents your smoking good looks by perfectly framing your face –, men strive every day to attain the perfect beard style. Whether you’re going for Ranveer Singh’,s full-beard smoky, mysterious look in Ram Leela, or Shah Rukh Khan’,s more ‘rugged stubble’, caring for your beard will make you look your best. Below we take a look at a few of Bollywood’s most desirable men and the facial hair styles they’ve mastered. Full beard style guide.

Ranveer Singh – The Full Beard and Moustache

Ranveer has the rich and luxurious facial hair we’ve always envied, his dark locks seem like they’,re straight out of a Bollywood fantasy. But we know it isn’t just movie magic –, he has been spotted out and about in Mumbai sporting the same refined beard style. If you’,re looking to rock this majestic look, try using a good beard oil –, we recommend Beardo Hair Growth Oil, which uses all-natural ingredients. Chemicals can greatly damage your hair, often leaving it looking straggly and dull, while a well-balanced beard oil will aid your hair growth and deliver that Singh lustre and magnificence.

Shah Rukh Khan – Closely-trimmed full beard

The only thing harder than getting a full clean shave is getting an even, closely-trimmed shave. Shah Rukh Khan absolutely floored this look, and he makes it look absolutely flawless. This beard style creates a perfect blend of the ‘well-manicured stud’ and ‘carefree rogue’ that we all love. However, without the right trimmer, it’,s impossible to get this polished look. With the wrong tool, you will most likely wind up patchy and uneven, which appears more careless than carefree. The Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer has gotten great results for this kind of beard style, showing that precision design brings precision results.

Full beard style guide

Aamir Khan – The Handlebar Moustache

Ah, the handlebar moustache –, a rustic tribute to the stylish gentleman and magnificent villain. This type of facial hair style requires advanced care, you’re not going to look like Mangal Pandey without getting this exactly right. Everything around moustache has to be meticulously shaved, leaving only smooth and clean skin, and the moustache itself has to be carefully sculpted and waxed in order to successfully pull the look off. To achieve this beard style, you won’,t be able to get by with a single tool, you’,ll need to start off with a solid beard oil to make sure you have the full, lush hair needed for this look. Then, use a grooming kit such as the Philips Multi-Grooming Kit to really focus on moulding the hair into the exact shape you want. Not quite getting the twist you want? Here’,s when you might want to consider using a moustache/beard wax to firmly hold it in place.

These men are considered some of the hottest in Bollywood, and their well-maintained grooming no doubt played a part in their fame. The good news is that these sharp, masculine looks are in fact attainable –, they just require careful attention to our facial hair and the right products to keep it strong and healthy.

Full beard style guide

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