Most common beard styles. Beard Styles -- The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make

Beards are in. Nope, they’,re out. Now they’,re in again. Well, they’,re out if they’,re long but ok if kept close but not in summer and oh who the fuck can keep up?!? Beards will always be around, so long as there’,s a season called winter and men trying to cover up a fat chin. Most popular beard styles.

Keeping a beard looking good will ALWAYS be in. Many men think growing a beard is just that —, growing a beard —, and fail to upkeep the facial follicles. It takes a ton of work to make a beard look unkept. There are beard styles, my friends. Actual beard styles, not just “,I’,m not shaving for months because it’,s trendy.”,

At the age of 20, Matty Conrad began working in the beauty industry to meet women but now he’,s responsible for keeping North America handsome. Borrowing from both the traditional barbering and modern men’,s hairstyling, the stylist, educator, salon owner, photographer and Canadian’,s Men’,s Hairstylist of the Year 2014 has been recognized globally as the pioneer of “,New Market Barbering.”,

Matty, now a brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, took a couple minutes to explain the common mistakes guys make with beards and beard styles and how to keep the beard looking tight and sharp every time.

Most popular beard styles 2015

Beard Styles And The Mistakes Men Make With Beards

Mistake #1: Not Seeing A Barber Soon Enough (Or At All)

There is a huge difference between growing a beard and simply not shaving. Men originally started growing beards to augment the size and shape of their jaw so shaping your facial hair becomes necessary after the first 6-8 weeks of growth. This is best tackled by a professional and any decent barber worth his salt should be able to groom you up and give you some pointers on home maintenance.

Cleanliness and styling is also important and often overlooked by bearded bros. Use a boar bristle brush rather than a comb. Despite their recent popularity, beard combs often put too much pressure on the facial follicles and you end up removing more hair than if you used a softer natural bristle brush, also the brush is excellent for spreading natural oils through the hair.

Most popular facial hair styles

For shorter tighter beards, Matty suggests a beard balm. They are often moisturizing and offers some styling benefits like controlling flyaways. For longer beards use a beard oil, they are made for moisturizing the skin and beard as well as offering a more pleasing fragrance and usually contain tea tree or cedar oil to keep the beard clean.”

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