Beard styles of the 1900s. Harry Styles and Justin Bieber given Movember beard makeovers

Clean-shaven One Direction start Harry Styles would look like this with beards Styles of beard.

To celebrate Movember have given some famously clean-shaven stars a makeover including Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Cristiano Ronaldo in line with the current beard trend.

We are now nearly half-way through the month of Movember which sees normally clean-shaven individuals embrace their inner masculinity with newly grown beards and moustaches.

This is much to delight of the fairer sex it seems, as according to a survey of 1000 women carried out by online beauty retailer, over two thirds of those asked said they would prefer to date bearded men, rather than clean-shaven ones.

To be specific, it's the bushy beard and moustache combo most commonly sported by hipsters that is the style of choice.

Styles beard grooming

Some women even went as far to say they would ask a clean-shaven man to grow a beard if he was clean-shaven. With 38% citing the baby-face look as a turn-off.

Clean-shaven stars with beards

1/4 Clean-shaven stars with beards

Clean-shaven One Direction start Harry Styles would look like this with beards

2/4 Clean-shaven stars with beards

Only if Justin Bieber would have facial hair...

3/4 Clean-shaven stars with beards

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo with bushy, but trimmed beard

Styles with beard

4/4 Clean-shaven stars with beards

Music mogul Simon Cowell just looks very different

Rakesh Aggarwal, founder of who conducted the survey, said:

“At the moment we are seeing a huge craze for beards that are fuller, but exceptionally neat and well kept. The smart, masculine look has been a top trend for men in 2014 and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere created the images of stars including Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Simon Cowell and Hugh Grant to show what they would look like with Movember makeovers.

Beards are definitely having a moment with the World Beard Championships taking place last month in the USA and a floral beard craze trending on social media earlier this summer.

Different styles of beard trimming

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