Facial hair styles circle beard. 3 Tried-And-Tested Beard Styles To Unlock Your Full Potential, FHM Ph

For some men, growing a beard is impossible. Despite their most fervent wishes (and desperate application of pharmaceutical solutions), a barely-there peach fuzz is all they can produce. For others though, a beard is something that can happen after just a few days of skipping their morning shave. Facial hair styles circle beard.

If you’re part of the latter demographic, it means the ability to sprout a generous amount of facial hair is coded into your genes. Why lucky? Well that’s because beards have been trending pretty hard these last few years (godbless them, hipsters), and now, all you naturally-hirsute gentlemen out there can be on the cutting-edge of style simply by letting that goatee grow out.

Now that we’ve convinced you to try this most noble of pursuits, you must be wondering what kind of beard would match your personality. Well, here are three bangin’ styles that are sure to catch the ladies’ attention:

Considered by many as the standard beard shape, the circle beard is a great style to take on because it lets you show off your facial hair while keeping you neat and tidy enough for the office. Formed by combining the mustache with a goatee, this beard is surprisingly easy to maintain.

Men with round or oval shaped faces. Since beards add definition to a face, a circle beard can lengthen your face and hide a soft jawline, making you look sharper overall.

Start of with growing out your facial hair to a respectable length so that you avoid over-trimming it when you start sculpting. It’s best to head to a salon and have a professional cut it for you the first time so you can achieve the right shape. Afterwards though, you can shave and trim it on you own, just remember to keep it round and the hair short.

Facial hair styles circle beard

If you’re follicularly blessed enough to be able to grow a full, luscious beard, then it’s definitely something you should try. Don’t be intimidated by the length and volume of the full beard, it’ll let you strike a powerful figure wherever you go.

And the best thing about it? It looks awesome whether you’re bald up top:

Or aiming to go full mountain man:

Men with triangular or diamond shaped faces. The full beard accentuates the cheek line and masks a rounded or soft chin. This classic style actually works well for a number of face shapes, as it’ll bring emphasis to all your best features. Just be warned that if not well-maintained, you run the risk of going full hobo (or turning into ZZ Top).

Grow out your beard naturally for at least 4-6 weeks, then head to a barber to get it shaped and cut to your preferred length. You can either go for a very clean line along your cheeks, following the slope of your sideburns, or leave the edge a little more rugged. Everything below the cheeks is meant to grow out naturally, but try to keep your neckline trimmed neatly.

Facial hair styles circle beard

You can also grow a close-cropped full beard, which lets you enjoy full coverage without the pesky length. A short beard flatters nearly every kind of face, especially men with rectangular faces and square jawlines. The key to a successful full beard is how neat you can maintain it, and a close-cropped one is no exception. So make sure to always keep an eye out for stray hairs, and to regularly trim your beard to an even, short length.

Here’s the thing about a meticulously sculpted beard—commit to it long enough, and it starts to define you. One such style is the balbo, a tailored moustache and goatee combo that looks like an inverted ‘T’ when done correctly. Despite its short length, it can add a lot of character to your face, but whether that works well for you depends on how you carry yourself (and your beard) entirely. Should you dare to try on something like the distinctive balbo and actually manage to pull it off, then you’re definitely one suave mofo in our eyes.

Men with narrow chins. The narrower your chin, the wider your goatee should be. If you have a relatively blunt chin but want to try this style, keep the strip of hair under your lip tapered to still get that sharp, pointed effect.

Even though the balbo is cut very close to the skin, grow out your beard for at least four weeks before attempting to sculpt it. The extra length will let you see where your hair grows and make the right judgement calls when trimming your beard. Once again, it’s best to visit a professional for the initial shaping, especially with something as precise as the balbo. You can maintain this style at home with an electric trimmer or safety razor and a very steady hand, just always make sure that the bare spaces of your face are well defined, especially the gap between your moustache and goatee on either sides.

This 2017, take advantage of your ability to grow a beard and groom your facial hair to not only look stylish AF, but also to make the most of your best features. Who knows? Maybe a beard is all you need to unlock your full pogi potential!

Facial hair styles circle beard

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