Facial hair styles circle beard. 2017 Facial hair style for men

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The Balbo beard is an amazing beard style that you can use today. Your beard will be divided into 2 or 3 sections when you use the Balbo beard. This is just a chin, hair, and a mustache mixed properly so you can look gorgeous in no time as well. You might also see a soul patch right under your beautiful lower lip. The whole stuff will look like another inverted T right away, and your whiskers will look just shaved on the soul patch`s sides. The Balbo beard is truly here to stay.


The Bandholz beard is all about a full beard in a longer style. You will love this kind of bead because you will end up looking different and awesome right away. Remember also that Bandholz beard has an interesting story that lies behind this type of beard. This type of beard is also about urban beadsman lifestyle and all that comes with it. The creator of this style even founded a company to make this type of beard famous. Your full beard will be connected to your mustache if you use the Bandholz beard today. But you will not stop at the famous 20 cm mark.

Facial hair styles circle beard

Circle Beard:

The circle beard is an amazing type of beard that you need to enjoy today. If you want to show a neater appearance, a circle beard is for you. This is the compromise that you can use if you want to keep some of your facial hair with you. You will also notice that this type of bear just derives its name from its famous shape. It also combines a rounded goatee with a mustache, and this will create the distinct round shape that you will truly love in no time. The circle beard is easy to maintain.

Extended Goatee:

The extended goatee beard is the Hollywoodian beard style that you can use today. This is just a combination of the mustache and the goatee. You just have to adjust the angles and shapes of your hair extensions if you want to make more variations of this style. The extended goatee beard has also its sideburns removed, and it also looks like you have your mustache just connected to your beard in some way. There is a larger area of the beard that you will have to let it grow over time if you want to create an extended goatee beard.

Friendly Mutton Chops:

The Friendly Mutton chops beard is just awesome, and a lot of people are using this type of beard due to the popularity of the famous movie X-Men. You will love the full sideburns that will extend just down to your mouth`s corners in no time. The Friendly Mutton chops beard is also wider at its end than where it starts. You will also see a solid line of hair in many versions of the Friendly Mutton chops beard out there. The Friendly Mutton chops beard can be either trimmed near your face or bushy.

Facial hair styles circle beard

Garibaldi Beard:

The Garibaldi beard is just awesome for many men out there. This type of beard will allow you to showcase your Risorgimento spirit in no time. You will be imitating the famous beard style of the strong General Giuseppe Garibaldi. The Garibaldi beard mixes a full bead with a slight “unkempt” look that you will love in no time. It also has a rounded, wide base that you will see at the bottom. You will wear your mustache just long. The appropriate length of the Garibaldi beard should be around 8 or 6 inches.


Remember that these facial hair styles are here to stay because they have passed the test of time. If you want to look your best, the Balbo beard can give you what you want. There is also a wide array of styles of beards that you can take advantage of in no time. Remember also that changing your style of beard from time to time will allow you to add a touch of variety in your life down the road.

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