Black full beard styles. Effective Beard Dye Alternative

Patented Blackbeard for Men Black beard styles.

gives you natural-looking results in seconds. Here are a few tippers to help get the most out of Blackbeard for Men

1) Apply Dry.

After your shower, dry your facial hair thoroughly before applying Blackbeard for Men

2) Keep it Neat.

works best on neatly trimmed to moderate-length facial hair. Unfortunately, you dudes with Grizzly Adams or ZZ Top-style beards, Blackbeard for Men

is not for you. So —, Get Your Beard On, but keep it neat and well-trimmed. Also good advice when it comes to dating and job-hunting, too!

3) Be Rembrandt (not Jackson Pollack).

Think like a painter. Brush on Blackbeard for Men

in the same direction as your natural hair growth. This will ensure that it looks natural and, even better, will fill gaps undetectably.

4) Consider Leaving a Little Gray.

Yep, you can get rid of all the gray with Blackbeard for Men

Black beard styles

, but it looks more natural if you leave a little, especially around the edges. This will also help the product continue to look natural as it wears over time. (Of course, you can always reapply Blackbeard for Men

5) Just a Little Touch-Up.

Consider having a tube of Blackbeard for Men

in your pocket or briefcase just in case you need a touch-up at some point throughout the day.

Hey, it happens. Sometimes while putting on Blackbeard for Men

, we put on too much, or get some on a part of our face where we don’t want it. Just grab a wet washcloth, tissue, whatever, and wipe it off. And if it gets on fabric, wash with cold water and soap.

7) Get Your Date On.

was specifically designed to help guys on the dating circuit. Our users report stunning results after using Blackbeard for Men

versus before. So feel free to experiment a bit. One Blackbeard for Men

Black man full beard styles

user tells us he uses the product to contour his facial hair to give himself a more devilish look. “I’m getting so much tail it’s insane,” he writes. Okay then!

8) Mix N’ Match.

Another Blackbeard for Men

user tells us that while his beard is mostly light brown, he uses a touch of the dark brown to add tonalities to it that he says makes it look better. And another user says that while his hair is dark brown, he likes to use black-color Blackbeard for Men

because he feels it makes his chin look stronger. Whatever works for you!

9) Beware the Hair.

is specifically designed for facial hair, which tends to be a bit coarser than the hair on your head. Because of that, we don’t recommend using it on bald spots or fringes. It will work, but it might be a bit clumpy. But feel free to experiment and let us know what works for you!

10) The Power Is In Your Hands.

You control exactly how much Blackbeard for Men

you want to use. Use sparingly for a subtle look, or go for it and wipe that gray out completely. Unlike the leading competing men’s facial hair color product, with Blackbeard for Men

Black barbershop beard styles

11) Proceed With Confidence.

Think of Blackbeard for Men

as your own little personal tube of kick-ass. Yes, there really is an inexpensive product that will help you in all aspects of life, from business to romance. Congratulations. You now rock. And people will pick up on that. It’s a beautiful thing, my friends.

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