Facial hair styles for bikers. Petition Bikers of GTA Unite!

We, the united Bikers of GTA Online, who are loyal customers, supporters and fans of the GTA franchise, have come together to request a proper Biker DLC package from Rockstar Games! We have been ignored long enough, and we feel it's time our needs are respected. What we ask for, we do not expect for free, as our dedication and love of this game can be portrayed in our willingness to pay for such a long overdue DLC content update for the GTA V online mode. Biker facial hair styles.

Realistic biker clothing: Leather vests (open/closed), Bowl/Skull biker helmets (like Lost NPCs have in game), Riding googles, Open leather jackets with shirts / hoodies combo, Variety of biker boots (Studded/Shinguard Boots - like the LOST NPC's already have in the game) More grunge / dirty styled clothing, tattered jeans, chains on jeans, etc.

Additional chopper modifications: More variety of tanks for EVERY bike, extended &, interchangable handle-bars, more variety of exhausts, no LOST emblem on the daemon seats, blacked out engines, more color options for tyres instead of just white-wall

Custom Bike Shop: We deserve quality modifications, designs, paint jobs &, livery (if you won't give us our own shop, then open up Benny's to choppers and we'll pay for upgrades to our bikes!)

More chopper bikes: Give us the rest of the bikes from TLAD - Diabolus, Zombie, Revenant, Lycan &, Nightblade, or create something new! (NOT sports bikes)

More variety of physical attributes: Better biker beards, especially long beards like Trevor, punk / rock hairstyles, more variety of tattoos and piercings (like the LOST NPCs already have in game)

Access to bars / accessible clubhouse locations in GTA V (Tequi-la-la, Mojito Inn, Mirror Park Tavern, Hen House, etc)

Below are the GTA online Motorcycle clubs represented by this petition:

Banished Breed MC (www.banishedbreedmc.com)

The Exiled MC (http://mctheexiled.wix.com/exiled)

Damned Devils MC (www.DamnedDevilsMC.com/weebly.com)

Grim Aces MC (http://decaygaming.wix.com/grimacesmcgta)

Biker facial hair styles

Brothers of Mayhem MC (www.brothersofmayhemmc.wix.com/bmmc)

Devils Few MC (https://www.instagram.com/devilsfewmc)

Warrior of Death MC (http://warriorofdeathmc.e-monsite.com)

Forbidden Souls MC (http://forbiddensoulsmc.wix.com/fsmc)

Infernal Punks MC (www.infernalpunksmc.com)

Reapers MC (www.reapersmcoriginal.com)

Bandidos MC (www.bandidosMCgta.wix.com/SYLB)

Ace Bandits MC (www.acebanditsboss.wix.com/acebanditsmc)

Outcast Reapers MC (www.outcast-reapers-mc.com)

Laffing Jokers MC (www.ljmcbusiness.wix.com/laffing-jokers)

Grim Legion MC (http://sites.google.com/site/grimlegionmcgta/home)

Facial hair styles for bikers

The Outcast MC (www.themcoutcasts.wix.com/gtaoutcasts)

Caveira's VMC (www.facebook.com/caveirasvmc)

808 Hooligans MC (https://hooligansmcblog.wordpress.com)

Fallen Devils MC (www.fallendevils.wix.com/fdmc)

CÁES MC (www.facebook.com/Cães-MC-1444111439221599)

Twisted Devils MC (http://twisteddevilsmc.weebly.com/)

Vikings Bikers VMC (www.facebook.com/VikingsBikers/)

Grim MC (socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/grim_fandango_mc)

Red Devils MC Belgium (http://rdbe-dffd.wix.com/acceuil)

Elite Pro Army Crew (socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elite_pro_army_crew)

Sons of Anarchy MC France (sonsofanarchyfrancegtamc.e-monsite.com/)

Facial hair styles for bikers

Hells Angels MC Spain (es.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hells_angels_spainmc)

Highlife Hustlas MC (highlifehustlas.wix.com/hlmc#!home-page/syd8v)

Feared MC (fearthefearedmc.weebly.com)

Burning Suns MC (youTube.com/BurningSunsMCCrew)

True Sons of Terror MC (IG: Instagram: true_sons.of.Terror_mc)

The Lost MC Original (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_lost_mc_original)

Rebel Kings MC (www.rebelkingsmc.weebly.com)

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