Best professional beard styles. Male grooming guide: Beard styling tips to make you look hot

With the arrival of No Shave November you might be planning to spend this whole month without shave but what style are will be going to keep for whole month? Professional beard styles.

Male grooming could never be completed without discussing about great beard styling. With the fall rapidly approaching and change in dressing style causing to change your look, fellas, it’s time to try something new in the soul patch department. And what is manlier than a well groomed beard making your own style statement to catch the eyes of strangers in a crowd. This is all about you gents, and how you can keep looking like the hunk that you are while being dynamic with these exclusive styles.

Before going on the styling part, let’s take a quick reassessment of what kind of beard will suit your face, because sadly there is no-one style fits all. our men’,s grooming experts have some simple advice for your face type!

If you have a square or round face your goal will be to add volume to your chin hair and keep looking the sides thin. This will give your face a more elongated appearance. Goatee/Extended goatee will suit your face best.

For an elongated face, your goal would be the exact opposite. Add volume to the sides and keep the chin thin.

Professional beard styles

Here we have for you, gentlemen, the in-trends this winter.

No introduction is required for this classic urban look. This is the freedom to remain grungy without the mess. Perfect look in between clean shaved and a full beard. The extended goatee will have the sides extended below the moustache towards ear lobes

Easiest to maintain in the list, this entry makes the stallion inside of you emerge. You can add variety to the look by trimming the hair length to be within 3 to 4 mm or let it grow more. Getting this look is effortless, just sit and let it grow. Although we suggest you keep a check on the length depending upon your professional environment. Protects your skin from the cold and rids your skin from getting rough and dry after shaving.

Its important to note that most of us are heading a professional lifestyle and cant afford to go full beard without proper grooming, don’,t forget to use beard shampoo and oil to keep those hairs well nourished and get yourself a new well groomed professional beards.

Professional beard styles 2015

This style is incredibly popular because it gives an impression that the guy is easy-going all the while not violating the boundary of well-groomed. Let your beard sit for a week or so, then clean shave the neck like you’d do for a traditional beard. There you have it, eye-catching and impressive as ever. Just take care not to let the length grow more than 1 to 2 mm.

This look is designed to look sophisticated and polished. Trim you moustache to form a circular shape around your mouth and keep the beard scanty. This is the bang on approach to looking sexy.

Last but not the least in this list is The Balbo. This look gained viral popularity after release of The Iron Man. We present to you the Tony Stark way of looking devilish and devastatingly handsome. This requires a bit of an effort because this is a three part look, but before backing away guys, remember Robert Downey Jr. in this look. Convinced? Pay attention to the soul patch and end it with a classic chin beard following up to sideburns.

Don’t be afraid to go carefree. The choice is all yours how you want to evolve your look and take the masculine aura to the next level.

Professional beard styles 2015

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