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1. The Stubble

The Shades of the Shadow doesn’t fail to make it to this list every year. The classic which unveils the freshness of your face stands as the symbol of youthness. And if you have an oblong-shaped face, you don’t need anything else for a highly rated sex appeal. Trim out the beard close to your face and make sure the cheek lines are straight. Professional beard styles.

2. The Professional Beard

Take out the cliché saying Beards aren’t business professional. This Smart Business Beard will definitely help you out in convincing your boss. With short hair and three-button suits, step out in style for your professional post. Just find time to trim the neck line.

3. The Moustache

Nail it perfectly with the end cures looking straight up towards the sky with your attitude up above. This 70s villain look has made a comeback this year but with a class of high attitude. The moustache of Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani is the one to look up to. Keep away from the upper lips and use a beard wax to get the shine on it.

4. The Shorter Long Beard

This style has got the ability to make all the men around jealous of your beard. Let it grow naturally for two months. Trim the cheek lines shorter in contrast to the long beard below. Keep the moustache shaped to give a strong smell of masculinity. Shot or medium hair can go along with it. Use beard shampoo and oil it regularly.

Professional beard looks

5. Top knot and Beard

Take one step ahead of the Hipster with a Top knot and a thick beard. Can you imagine a guy with a top knot and clean shaven face! Uhh.. not at all. Grow a full beard and let your hair run long. Clip away the sides if you feel so. Once it reaches the length, tie the top knot and give the sturdy look. Goes well with moustache.

6. Man Bun and Beard

This is a more versatile version of the Top knot and beard. Besides the hipster, it has the ability to give you a professional and mature look. Tie the knot behind this time while putting extra effort to keep your long hair tidy. Thick beard will match it perfectly no matter what the length is. Use wax to give different textures.

7. Short Hair and Beard

Trendy in all seasons, you can make any beard style go with your short hairs. Grow it full, keep it medium or trim it short, all styles can give you a different personality. Undercut hairstyle with medium thick beards giving a sporty look is trending. Keep your cheek lines well maintained.

Best professional beard styles

8. Hipster Beard

Symbolizing the masculine image, this long, full beard combined with a pompadour haircut is always in style statement. It may seem easy to grow a hipster beard but it requires a level of maintenance. Choose whether you want to grow the neck beard or else shave it up. Comb nicely, oil regularly and groom the moustache properly.

9. The Chin Strap Beard

Choosing the right chin strap beard is very important to nail that perfect look for your face. Not every face shape goes with this style. Whether you should keep the beard wide or trim it thin will only tell you after you do it once. And if you want that pencil thin strap, then don’t consider the moustache.

10. Winter Beard

Winters are the perfect time to grow a beard. Just after the No Shave November, don’t take your razor out, let it grow. A winter beard will definitely look hot with your warm clothes. Things to keep in mind includes your beard will get dry and damaged in this cold season. Using beard oils is a must if you want that manly look.

Professional looking beard styles

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