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I wanted to flag the following portion for our readers: Biker beard styles.

What does it mean to be Spoony? In New York to shoot a video, the band members gathered at a Lower East Side bar to explain the group&rsquo,s longevity and place in the music spectrum. Or try to, anyway.

&ldquo,When I joined the band, Britt would discourage anybody in the band from having a beard. He thought beards were not cool. Five years later everyone in a band has a beard.&rdquo, Not Spoon. &ldquo,So,&rdquo, he concluded, &ldquo,we can say Spoon is not beard rock."

What are your favorite beard rock bands? If you happen to be around in Brooklyn on Thursday, February 4th you can check out a few of ours who will be jamming out for charity at The 2010 Beard Ball. We're going to be sending a proper invite shortly, but here's a sample of the good scruff - Julius C.

By now you have likely seen the trend on Facebook today about girls posting colors as their status update... like you, bearded friends, Build-a-Beard also wondered what the hell is going on, and why are colors so hot right now?!

Well, the answer is BRAs, yes, bras... women have been posting the color bra they have on today, cool right? What's cooler is that they are using their Facebook status updates for a cause (Breast Cancer Awareness, duh, save the boobs!), new media FTW!

This is precisely why we want to make sure you know... a REAL man's bra color is (not blue) hair... see below, and thank you @ hokiebill for alerting us to this. So, ya'll beardos make sure to post the word "HAIR" in your status (and maybe this link too, to explain).

Now go... do it... stop starring!

Well gents, it&rsquo,s that time again, and you better get ready for the big leagues lest you be late to the festivities&hellip, you have 150 days to be exact. The event is Beard Team USA National Finals in Bend, Oregon. Wondering why we are giving you so much of a lead time? Well you have you ask yourself: are those 5 months of your chin's and upper lip's bestest effort enough to beat THIS guy?!

Didn&rsquo,t think so&hellip, but, if you still want to try your hand at the national finals (which are apparently classified as a sporting event by the way), the hairy throwdown will take place at the Les Schwab Amphitheater on June 5

. Per website: $5000 in cash prizes will go to best beards and mustaches in the USA. The competition is open to everyone. Even Canadians!

Beware that the competition is stiff and Beard Team USA is fresh from placing atop the world at the Anchorage, Alaska games last year. Oh yeah, and also don't forget B-a-B favorite Jack Passion, the 2007 and 2009 World Beard Champion in the full beard natural category (the most competitive category of all)... yeah, he'll be there, and he's only 25... our money is on him for the Trondheim, Norway games anyway (mark your calendars: May 14, 2011).

Nationals seem to be out of your league huh? It's ok, it's out of ours too... nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, Bend Oregon is far away... But, if you do make it out to the west coast next year and are into facial hair contests in remote towns... come right down to Taft, California, where the annual Whiskerino competition that started yesterday will crown their town's best beard during the Oildorado festivities in October. Read about it here, make sure to watch the segment, classic.

Well, what say you? You going to try your hand? Huh? Hmmm?! Right, that's what we thought... us too... the good thing we'll always have each other.

Outside from a fuzzy-avatar and a few polite one sided exchanges on Twitter we've never seen or heard of/from ShayCarl before... we never watched his show or looked up his vlogs (no use clicking on his personal site as it's still under construction), but we knew he was of the bearded persuasion and, what we thought to be, a friend to the beards... Last night, he proved us wrong and right all at the same time... with a few swift buzzes it was gone, a beard unadulterated between 7/23/2009 and 1/1/2010 (but been around since 2007 apprently), too beautiful to live, too young to die...

See above for a touching eulogy from STL Pixurs for the poor beard (which was 'lovingly' dubbed the 'beardtard'... smh), it takes some of the sting out of the bite, but conversely, it also grabs our bearded soul and strokes our mental beard with thought of 'what could have been'...

While we are not in the business of publicizing shaving and beardacide of any kind... we did want to show you the event from last night (see the segment below from, also # RIPBeardtard was trending on Twitter yesterday, toward the 2nd half of the broadcast ) for two big reasons...

1) Shay did a good job in showcasing different beard/stache styles throughout his shaving escapade:

10:30 -- Fu Manchu of sorts (+burns)

14:15 -- Horseshoe (or U) Stache

15:00 -- Creepy (pedo-looking) Stache

18:00-21:00 -- The final shave

Biker facial hair styles

2) What we really wanted you all to see (and hear) are the insecurities of a man without facial hair... this dude went from a confident head of the family, to a mewling baby asking his children, chat room fans, wife, god, whomever would listen for approval of his newly bald face. The mic overloading scream ShayCarl is known for mutated into a fearful purr at best and a girly cry at worst... this, fellow beardos, is the fate that awaits us all the day we choose to shave... and for the value of this PSA alone, he deserves a big thank you and deep appreciation from the bottom of our fully bearded heart... Now, GROW IT BACK!

As some of you may recall, earlier in the holiday season Build-A-Beard staff stumbled upon an NYU student with an awesome beard (named Sven or something) and a tale of cursing off the razors since January 1 2009 as a new year's resolution. Since that chance meeting, and numerous twitter searches later, we are convinced that there are many like minded individuals out there looking for the push to make the one new year's resolution that works... with just a little more resolve than combing your hair, growing a beard is probably one of the easiest ways to accomplish that.

That said, let us tell you a story&hellip, as story about a man, in a town, with such resolve and dedication that should serve as a model for all those who want to walk in the shoes of giants, and grow awesome beards in 2010&hellip, that man is Matt Hensleem (aka @ mhenslee ), a rockin' pastor in Little Rock, Arkansas who lists Jesus, his wife as well as his beard alongside each other (love that btw). Matt made a promise to himself at the end of 2008, he vowed no longer shall his face be fuzzless and bald, no more will he deny his chin the right for privacy... he made a covenant with facial fuzz for 2009 and beyond.

We present this photographic study to you with mere hours left in 2009 to showcase what a year can bring... this could be you, in 365 days... Along with Matt, you too can join the 64 million like minded men who honor a timeless tradition of courage and test of not only character, but a test of will against a society who might not fully understand your DIY artistic expression.

Matt, if you turn even one man to the hairy cause we will deem this year a success, but while we have you... would it be too much to ask you for a blessing on the Build-A-Beard house, our friends and family, and the new decade that is upon us?

Either way, may you all have a Happy and a Healthy New Year!!! Tune in, turn on, grow out. 2010 IS the year of the beard.

Given the gull (and frankly the audacity) of the Beard Liberation Front ( BLF ) to declare unauthorized (and frankly unsanctioned) honors on the facial hair community that dont represent the full scope of the world's most facialy hairy... we decided to hold our own rankings and awards... Recognizing the sensitivity of the situation, we decided to start small and build from there... so we chose staches, and dare we say (and frankly we do... yes we are only frank in parentheses) that our choice for Stache of the Year has more clout above his lip than BLF's choice for Beard of the Decade has all over his face.

ANYway, we saw Terry Taylor ( accomplished author over at Lark Books and self proclaimed Craft Whore) walking the halls of the Museum of Art and Design and could not help but think that his stache had to be immortalized with its own exhibit... The halo-looking light that appeared above Terry's head during our photo shoot is no coincidence, neither is the fact that Terry is writing a book titled "Stache" (you heard it here first) an inside look at stache styles, symbolism and the resulting culture and craft trends... we'll be on the lookout in 2010.

So without further ado, below please see the glorious stache that stole our hearts in 2009... congrats Terry!

And a close up of the winner, for posterity's sake...

Panasonic is promoting the launch of new high-end razors with an iPhone application that lets consumers sketch a beard... and then.... bust it. (Not to be confused with Gary Vee's #crushit) The application allows users to upload a picture of themselves and use a sketch pen to draw anything from a goatee to mutton chops to a full-length beard. It's basically an Etch A Sketch for your face. Consumers then have the option to "bust a beard" with the &ldquo,Shave it!&rdquo, button, and send the result to friends on Facebook or Twitpic it.

It became available on December 19th. B-A-B is hoping this will encourage those of you who are on the fence about growing facial hair to test out the app and see yourself.... in all your hairy glory.

Side note: Panasonic is not the first company to link humor with shaving. Procter &, Gamble earlier this year found viral success with its &ldquo, How to Shave Your Groin &rdquo, videos from Gillette (remember the no underbrush, your tree looks taller slogan? - Ew.). And in 2006, Panasonic competitor Philips Norelco ran a series of ads showing a man in a bathroom promoting the benefits of &ldquo,shaving everywhere.&rdquo, B-A-B did not support that campaign.

Since that time, we've been checking in with their head honcho regularly to get him on the bearded ball, and follow the lead of his staff by listening to our hairy call... then, out of the blue, through all of the cussing we managed to gather that Gary is planning on growing a " Playoff Beard " in 2010 (so that to focus on growing his new biz assets @ vaynermedia and @ corkd ). The bearded calling came out during Loic Le Meur&rsquo,s Fireside Chat with Gary at Le Web 2009 in Paris earlier this month.

Given Gary's recognizable clean shaven face, we were understandably weary, that is we were, until today... when Gary went public with his hairy ambitions:

Then once our staff pinged Gary with the #proveit request, we received -- along with the rest of his Twitter and Dailybooth communities -- the below mildly hairy proof...

Granted, this isn't the flowing beard we all expected out of the hyper passionate and cause dedicated style that Gary is known for, we are certain that by the end of 2010 (aka the year of the beard), we will all be put to shame with Gary's facial mane.

We don't know about you, but we'll be on the look out... listening, engaging, crushing it, Build-A-Beard style.

We'd like to welcome @inMyBeard ( Josh Hamilton of Huntsville, AL) to our bearded family... the site he created is dedicated to a picture of stuff in (attached, smeared, etc.) his beard a day, what's even cooler is that he's dedicated to do this for a full year (ending March 10, 2010)!

From hand-gels to red bull shots, zippos and christmas penguins... Josh brings the #proveit culture to a new high. Check him out and suggest stuff to put in his beard on twitter. Brilliant.

Our favorite: Conjunction... in his beard

Biker facial hair styles

Not to neglect our 'stache brothers (and unfortunately, somesisters) this holiday season, we wanted to flag some cool gift ideas for last minute mustache shoppers.

First up - mustache crayons - which are fucking awesome. No need for us to edit - they. are. fucking. fantastic! Buy them for your kids or yourself - who cares what the reason - you don't need one.

Fuzzy Ink is our new favorite place to shop! See below for one example on why they rule:

Mustache Pint Glasses. I've purchased 4 of these to be delivered by next week. This is the definition of multitasking - growing a 'stache with no effort while drinking. 2010 is looking up already. Not a fan of pint glasses? Try these.

Coolest belt in the world award! How could you not buy this for $14.00?

Are you debating growing a mustache, but unsure if the look will suit your face? The Mustache Mirror will solve all you problems (and provide a few laughs every a.m.)

Forget expensive jewelry for your female friends - we're in a recession! Rather, buy her a gift that she will be able to stroke fondly for years to come. The Mustache Necklace... because nothing says love quite like it.

Love. Decksauce. SoDak Biker Beards.

Dan Patterson of ABC News (not to be confused with the British television producer and writer, responsible for the production of both the British and American incarnations of the improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) sat down with the staff of Build-A-Beard and granted us full access to his sometimes-beard-sometimes-mustache. Dan's facial hair provided the following answers to our 3-day, brutal interrogation (Note: Waterboarding was not used, but we did threaten his unruly beard with this ).

Well, one would presume that like most men, my first appearance occurred in Dan's early adolescence. This is a fair assumption, and is indeed correct. However, there is an ongoing debate on Twitter (#dansawesomebeard) within the collector community about the actual first appearance. You see, in an alternate-reality crossover with Dan's ChestHair Comics (issues 11 - 13) Dan's Beard was actually bonded with Dan's Sideburns at an early age. So, to answer your question, my first appearance is ambiguous and still being determined.

That's a really good question... I'm a big fan of punk. The Ramones, Buzzcocks, and Dead Kennedy's were a huge influence. However I have always admired the Coltrane/Miles 'Blue' style and as I age I mellow and appreciate the more complicated musicianship of jazz. If you're referring to favorite Beard Style, my favorite is Awesome. The Awesome style is canonical and classic.

Yes, many times. But really, I don't take it personally. Sometimes he cuts me in awesome ways, like the Mustache of Freedom (see below or here )! Also, I'm a tenacious bastard and always reemerge within a matter of days. And let's be realistic: Love is a wonderful thing. We're bonded for life. But sometimes you just need time apart. It's nothing personal. I use my 'away' time to read the newspaper, drink coffee, and slow down a bit. I recently got a Kindle and have been totally digging reading about current beard trends. You know, everyone likes to chill out sometimes and just because I'm a beard doesn't mean I'm any different.

Everyone stares. Really. It's kinda embarrassing. I mean, can you blame them? Dan may have a funny looking mug, but I do a great job of hiding it. And I don't want to brag (humility is a virtue, after all), but I'm a burley beard of bristly bad-assness!

5. As a new media beard, do you tend to find yourself justifying your existence to old media beards?

Coexistance is necessary. There's a lot old media beards can learn from new media beards, sure. But there's a lot that new media beards could learn from more experienced beards. Myself included! I mean, I think I'm a facially-located shag carpet of decksauce, but that doesn't mean I can't learn from beards who have been there, done that. There's a lot of wisdom in the beard world! And, at the end of the day, we ALL could learn a thing or two from the beards of Sturgis, South Dakota. I mean, those biker dudes have the most bad ass beard ever. Word to the wise: don't mess with a SoDak Biker Beard!

I'm really flattered to share my humble beardness and wish your Build-A-Beard site and charities you support all the best!

Check out Dan's awesome facial hair creativity throughout the years:

B-A-B comment:Some on our staff would totally do you (50/50 shot here since we only have 2 on staff).

B-A-B comment: Did Dan's beard Photoshop itself into this picture?

Beard of Awesome (On The Convention Floor)!

This holiday season, nothing says ultimate gift quite like The Facial Hair Handbook . This book is an essential item in any man's journey through the lifecycle of growing and wearing stylish, healthy facial fuzz. Not sold yet? Well, the book hits upon the following topics:

Biker facial hair styles

Choosing a Facial Hairstyle

Washing and Conditioning

How to Grow Thicker Facial Hair

What to Do If Your Beard Catches on Fire (YES!)

Getting a Clean, Close Shave

The most crucial selling point here is that the author, Jack Passion, is the two-time, reigning world champion of beards, having won the Natural Full Beard division at the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska in 2009 and Brighton, England in 2007. His beautiful beard and facial hair expertise has been seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The View, Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America, and countless news segments, both TV and radio, all over Europe and North America.

You ever wonder to yourself, hey, whatever happened to that gibberish spewing Addams Family hair in chief, Cousin Itt? Where did he wind up after the taping stopped and the show turned off? Hmmm...

Well, we will may never know, but like Elvis (Michael Jackson, et al.), from time to time, we may get a clue about what they are up to now. Thanks much to fellow beardo aficionado @tailorjanes for the heads up, or down, we're still not quite sure what the hell is going on over there to your right.

Either way, and on a serious note: Long live Cousin Itt, and the real man behind the hair, Felix Silla (72 years young).

Wall Street FAIL! Bank of America has a strange beard policy written in the employee handbook - employees can have a beard before they start working there or be clean-shaven, BUT they are not allowed to grow a beard while employed at BOA. Yes, BOA has a mandatory grooming policy. That said, employees have been known to take off for a week to grow a beard and come back to work with their facial fuzz glory (such dedication!!). Note: If you are one of those employees, B-A-B would love the opportunity to interview you.

Don't believe this beard policy? Check it.

We've all heard of cat neck beards, a popular activity among feline owners with a wannabe beardo fetish:

Today, we finally got the K9 equvalent by way of fellow bearded tweeterer @chrisbawesome who even reccomends a specific breed... the Cairn Terrier, which we must say, creates a fantastic salt and pepper neck beard worthy of us picking it's poop.

That said, Chis, your beard doesn't look like it needs enhancements, but feel free to send us more pictures as you experiment with more wildlife. Keep being into growing epic beards and mustaches, but we'll be the judge of your unapologetic awesomeness...

Today, Al Qaeda-linked Islamist authorities in southern Somalia have ordered men to grow beards and shave off mustaches, officials and witnesses confirmed. In order to ensure the complete implementation of the Islamic sharia law in the region, Al Qaeda called upon all men to grow their beard and shave their flavor savors.

Those who ignore this "call to grow," will be punished accordingly.

This might seem like an extreme law to implement, but if you have visited Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Lower East Side, Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom.... beards &, facial fuzz are everywhere... slowly taking over the faces of our loved ones.

We're not complaining &, we cannot imagine how many more beards and 'staches we'd see if there was an actual ordinance to not shave.

Thank you to Gabriel Shalom for making this (and to @abillboard for passing the link along of course). We love it eventhough it does involve shaving... we like to play it backwards, but it works both ways.

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