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It takes time and attention to make your beard fill in. ( Images) Beard styles light hair.

While not all men can grow full, thick beards, there are ways to sculpt a beard style that fits your face and facial hair growth. Shaving a lot does not make your beard fill in any faster than normal, so you need patience, dedication and a little focus to make your beard fill in and look good. Depending on what kind of beard you want to grow and your natural hair growth, it is easy to make your beard fill in.

Grow your beard for 4 to 6 weeks without shaving. If you have substantial facial hair on the lower neck or upper cheeks, you may shave these for appearance's sake. When you start growing your beard, you should shave closely with a razor to ensure even beard growth.

Beard styles light hair

Assess your beard's growth honestly after 4 to 6 weeks. Examine your jaw line, neck and cheeks for beard thickness and growth potential. Depending on your natural facial hair growth, choose a beard style that will complement your face and work with your hair growth. Not every man can grow a thick, full beard.

Treat your facial hair and skin for itchiness or flakes as your beard grows. Hydrocortisone anti-itch cream will reduce itching and keep you from scratching at your beard. Use a small amount of dandruff shampoo on your beard if flaking is a problem.

Beard styles for light hair

Supplement your beard growth with biotin a natural dietary supplement or Rogaine. Biotin improves hair and nail growth. Rogaine is FDA approved for promoting hair growth, but not specifically facial hair. Consult your doctor when using Rogaine if you get rashes, unusual hair growth or other skin reactions.

Trim your beard down to your desired style after at least 6 weeks of growth or longer. Shave below your eyes and shape your beard on your lower neck unless you are going for the Grizzly Adams look.

Beard styles for light hair

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