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There are a limited number of beard styles that match well with your face shape. The right beard style can really enhance your face along with highlighting the not-so-good features as well. The trick lies in creating a perfect balance with the right amount of hair on your face. Beard styles light hair.

Men with round face must sport beard with strong and sharp lines to balance the curvy face. They can try beards like goatee or full beard with little sharp edges.

Men with an angular face can opt for the longer hair look for the perfect balance.

Men with long face can go for a full beard look with thicker hair on the side and shorter hair around the jaw line for the proportionate look.

Beard styles light hair

There is a vast difference between a man who has grown a beard and someone who doesn't shave. Beards call for periodic upkeep and maintenance. Make sure you use a razor almost daily to keep the edges of your beard clean and sharp. Do not rub the razor repeatedly as it will cause redness and irritation to your skin.

#3 Get the right tools for trimming/shaving

Why waste your time using a comb and scissors trying to get the perfectly trimmed beard when you can choose a quality trimmer from the range of trimmers and you like to sport a stubble, invest in a trimmer and you are good to go.

Beard styles for light hair

Yes, men need a moisturizer too! After trimming or shaving your beard, use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. The usage of moisturizer also prevents your skin from producing extra oil and causing breakouts.

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair need to be washed almost every alternate days. You can use a shampoo followed by a conditioner or a soap to wash your hair.

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