Beard styles for light hair. 5 Most Popular Beard Styles How To Get Them

Men from all over fashion their own preferences over their beards. Some like it clean-shaved, some with light stubbles, and some full on bearded. Even Hollywood A-listers are sporting their own preferred looks. This shows the immense popularity of facial hair among men over these years. Light beard styles.

In this list we’ll tackle the top 5 beard styles preferred by men. As they evolved from the initial full beard, these styles are surely ones that most men would opt to try at least once to know what made them very much well-loved.

The Balbo

The Balbo beard style has its origins traced to Italian Air Marshall Italo Balbo, a part of Benito Mussolini’s forces during World War 2. Now popularized by famous actors Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr., the Balbo is a popular style emanating confidence with a clean look.

The features of a Balbo include a tailored mustache, a soul patch below the lower lip and a beard from the lower cheek to the chin.

What does it say? The Balbo is highly known and popularized as a stylish and clean look, sported by confident and men with a bad boy image. This charm is currently popularized by Robert Downey Jr. as he has worn this look for years.

How to achieve this style?

The Circle Beard

The Circle beard is a combination of a goatee and a mustache. Tracing its roots in Australia, it has grown into a popular style that highlights the connection between the two styles. Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage are some of the actors who sport this look.

Beard styles for light beards

The main features of a Circle beard include its striking circular look, as the connection between the mustache and the goatee is emphasized.

What does it say? Popular among men along their 30s to 50s, this style is a mature look yet exudes a youthful sophistication. This sculpted beard proves its neat look and maturity along with the masculinity innate in beards.

How to achieve this style?

The Extended Goatee

The Extended goatee, or the Hollywoodian, is a famous style that nearly resembles a full beard except for the sideburns that complete it. Born from the look of Pan, a Greek deity, this style is now a well-preferred look for people sporting a charm of a romantic ruggedness.

The features of an Extended goatee is the goatee itself and its connection to the mustache. It may look similar to the full-blown beard except that it lacks the sideburns and the heavy amount of hair that differentiates it from the rest.

What does it say? This look is a popular option for those who opt for a goatee with an additional touch of macho bravado. The appeal of a goatee added with a romantic touch fares well for anyone effectively sporting the look.

Light beard styles

How to achieve this style?

Medium Stubble

Perhaps the most popular beard style nowadays, the Medium stubble has constantly remained a preferred option with men. Tracing its history in the 1980s, the stubble is divided into the light, medium, and heavy styles.

The features and charm of a stubble is basically its length. It is facial hair encompassing the bearded areas of the face with the length of about 4 days to a week worth of beard.

What does it say? The popularity of the medium stubble continues to rise as the look exudes masculinity, sexiness, and deliberate cleanliness and style due to its sharp and accurate look. Through this, it shows a strong and well-groomed man.

How to achieve this style?

The Friendly Mutton Chops

Having a unique charm compared to other beard style relying on the lower areas of the face, the Friendly mutton chops, or the Sideburns is a different style utilizing the face’s sides. The style originated in the 19th century from General Ambrose Burnside, whose namesake bore to “sideburns“.

The features of the Friendly mutton chops are impossible to miss. The sideburns are left alone to grow up to its desired length. The usual mutton chops terminate at the edges of the mouth, but this variation connects the sideburns to the mustache. In both styles, the lower lip and chin facial hair is removed.

Light beard styles 2015

What does it say? The Friendly mutton chops is a cool and masculine look. The most famous example for this look is Hugh Jackman where he effectively dons the look and charms of masculinity and coolness.

How to achieve this style?

The bearded man, his looks, and his charm

Beards are very popular among men. There are a lot of styles men opt to work with that fit with their personality and overall appeal. With each beard style comes a specific fashion statement, so it comes along the taste and preference of its wearer.

Also, the overall look has to be taken into consideration. Hair style compatibility should be synchronized with the beard’s style. Women would find it unattractive to see varying styles on men where there should be consistency. With this, there is consistency to the styles and the perception of women to the man’s look.

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