Beard styles for light beards. Beard ideas to attract the beautiful ladies

Any man’s most priceless possession would be his facial mane. While men are quit restricted in terms of experimentation with styles, their facial hair gives them the opportunity to play with different styles and satisfy their fashion hunger. Where all the men look for different beard ideas, we bring to them a treat. Here are some amazing beard styles to try. All the styles are quite different from each other. They are fun and sexy. Light beard styles.

This one look is sophisticated yet rugged. It looks great and women love their men to flaunt clean shaven stubble. It is quick to get and easy to maintain. To get this light beard style, get a close, clean shave all over and see the sexy stubble growing. Trim the neck every day but, do not touch the face, as simple as that! Repeat this for few days. And you get a sexy, rugged, classy beard.

The Mustache- Goatee: One of the most popular beard styles

This masculine look has always been popular among men and loved by women. Mustache gives a masculine streak while, the goatee add to the style quotient. To get this look, take an electric shaver or razor and shave the face. Leave the mustache and the chin beard. Trim the mustache and chin beard to the length you wish using beard trimmer. This is one of the sexiest beard ideas.

Beard styles for light hair

A full beard spells power, masculinity and class. This style is for the men who look for mature beard ideas as this style appeals to mature women more. It takes some time to grow and needs maintenance. Let your beard grow naturally as long as you want. Once it reaches the desired length, take care of it suing oils. Keep it nourished and trim the stray edges. Also trim the neckline and the cheek lines. Comb it neatly.

When talking about the classic beard ideas, the Balbo beard is sure to get a mention. It is named after an Air Marshall from Italy, Italo Balbo. To flaunt it, grow a mustache and beard. Trim everything leaving the mustache and a patch under the lip, on the chin. Let the hair grow under the lip, beneath the patch. It resembles an inverted “T”. It is one of those beard ideas that suits man with narrow chins.

Circle Beard: Neater beard ideas

Light beard styles 2015

This is apt for the men who want a neater look. This beard style comprises of a mustache and a rounded goatee. It is easy to maintain and neat.

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