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It is already April and summer is just around the corner. Many of us have decided to alternate our beards to suit the warmer weather. It is always practical to trim a few inches around the neckline to refresh your overall appearances. Generally, the best summer beard styles should always look more refined and sleeker. Your beard should be trimmed regularly, as if you take care of your lawn. Keeping these tips will keep you looking your best throughout the summer. Top beard styles.

At SGLforMen’,s site, I have always said that growing a beard will depend on your genetics and patience. It is often best to try different styles to see which works best for your facial structural. Just because one beard looks good or awful on someone else, it doesn’,t mean you should not try it for yourself. Your beard is a great way to accessorize your style and is the epitome of masculinity.

Look at these top five best beards for men this summer:

1. The Moustache:

You may have realized that the Moustache has been coming back in a big way recently, and summer is no exception. If you decide not to take it all off, it is best to trim the underneath to champion this classic style. The Moustache hails back to the late 50’s, and is a masculine, strong style that will take you from the office to vacation with style. Accentuate your mouth with no more than one inch of sideways growth.

Cool beard styles for guys

2. The Low Cut Beard:

This is one of my favorite beard styles for the summer. The Low Cut Beard is a great compromise that lets you wear your usual style, but without feeling grizzly and sticky. This low intensity beard retains the winter style, but has a lower hair density to let you feel more breezy. This is also a sharp, yet casual look, and works well for outdoorsy types. The tip is to learn how to fade the neckline correctly, to minimize the hairline and growth.

3. The Norris Scripper:

The Norris Scripper is an inverted ‘Hollywood’ style, where all the hair removed except from one focal, facial area. If you’re dabbling with beards, this can be a fun way to test the waters without worrying about growing out a full-size beard. It is similar to a Soul Patch, which is frowned upon (to the point of social shunning), but sharp enough to keep you swinging this summer. This is a great look for those with strong jawlines.

4. The Short Boxed Beard:

The Short Boxed beard is a flexible look, and retains the heavier layer at the bottom of the face, yet lightens the overall appearance. This is another great contender for compromising your beard in warmer weather, and won’t leave you feeling naked. Different styles can be worn around the beard or none at all, to give you your own unique look this summer. Make sure you connect the pieces with good fading.

Top 10 facial hair styles

5. The Dirty Shave:

If you’re blessed with free time this summer, the Dirty Shave can be a liberating experience that breaks the rules of shaving. You will need to keep this style in shape to avoid the Hobo look, but a quick smooth shave will rest weeks of causal beardedness that lets you feel free and away from the grips of daily life. You can also rock this style over the weekend without offending anyone.

SGLformen has compiled the essential articles on male grooming that teaches you how to style your facial hair and teach you to become a better groomed man.

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