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Whether you’,re rocking a Tom Ford power stubble or a Gandalf style envy-inducing super beard you’,re telling the world you’,re a style conscious reflection of an influential movement. There once was a time where facial hair longer than half a centimetre was reserved for the Freedom Pass users. Now a new breed of men of all beard lengths and shapes has reached our streets and the popularity of the trend skyrocketed. Biker beard styles.

Here are my top tips for styling your facial hair without looking like a 70’,s diamond geezer.

Keeping It Clean

I’,m not singling out clean shaven guys. The rise in bearded style has shot the clean shave right up in popularity as by not having shocking facial hair is almost just as strong a statement as having it. Keep a clean shave clean, treat your face to a cut throat shave every now and again and treat your skin to the finest, best smelling cremes and treatments and this will most certainly give you the modern man look!

Biker facial hair styles

Make A Statement

Make a statement with the highly styled statement beard. If you’,re looking for a style you’,re willing to commit to and make a statement with then this is the way to go. With this style comes a lot of attention! And a sharp, tailored outfit will set this look off to another level.


The Biker

A biker beard will 100% give the rugged “,I don’,t care”, look and this can be really effective. Contrast this with thoughtful tailoring and you’,re guaranteed a show-stopping look.

Biker facial hair styles

Whatever you do, make your beard your own. Style your hair and outfit to set your facial hair off. What’,s the point of expressing yourself if its not the real you?!

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