Beard trimming styles neck. Break The Beard: Cricketers Rohit, Jadeja & Pandya shaved their beard in this latest trend

It’s summer, guys and guess what? It’s certainly the high time to get that five o’clock shadow off your face. Won’t you feel much relieved when there’s a lesser stuff on your face? We’re not asking you to get your neatly groomed beard off, but this twitter trend certainly does. Clean beard styles.

In a recent trend that surfaced on Twitter, popular Indian cricketers are posting a video in their clean shave looks with a hash tag #BreakTheBeard. The move is intended to break the fashion stereotype among men.

Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja posted a short video on Twitter with their before shave and after shave avatars.

Hardik Pandya also took his fans by surprise with his new neatly shaved look. He dedicated his Instagram video to his friend and fellow cricketer Ravindra Jadeja

How to maintain beard styles

Fans are going berserk on their tweets and have flooded twitter with hilarious remarks and suggestion. Let’s have a look at some of the most hysterical twitter reactions to ‘Break the Beard’ trend.

After the outbreak of this new trend, It seems like it’s Virat Kohli’s turn now to ‘Break the Beard’. We’ll have to wait for some more time to see if Virat will be a part of this Twitter trend or not.

As the mercury is rising, this new trend will provide relief to those who carry a stubble on their face a mark of style statement. Our beloved cricketers have broken the common fashion norms of men and appeared with clean shave on their official Twitter handles.

Clean beard styles

On the work front, Hardik Pandya is presently the part of Mumbai Indians team who’ll be battling with Delhi Daredevils in the next game. Ravindra Jadeja on the other side, is playing for Gujarat Lions for this IPL season. Rohit Sharma leads the Mumbai Indians squad who has recently defeated Kings XI Punjab by 8 wickets.

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