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Top 18 beard styles for men:There are many different beard styles that can be selected based on your preferences. However, you should know that there are many things that need to be considered so that you find the right one that may suit your choice. Different face shapes may require different beard styles as well. Here are the famous beard styles for men: Circle beard styles.

here is a list of beard styles you can considered as part of beard styles today:


The Van Dyke beard is called after Anthony Van Dyck.

A Van Dyke (also spelled Vandyke, Vandyck, Van Dyck or Van Dijk) could be a form of facial hair named once 17th-century Flemish painterAnthony Sir Anthony Vandyke. A Van Dyke specifically consists of any growth of each a hair and goatee with all hair on the cheeks shaven. Even this specific style, though, has several variants, together with a curled mustache versus a non-curled one and a soul patchversus none.

This style of beard was widespread in Europe within the 17th century. It died out in britain with the Restoration, once French styles and wigs became widespread. for a few time once, however, some men, called “,vow-beards”,, continued to wear them, vowing to wear them till the King did therefore once more. It became widespread within the u. s. within the 19th century. Chicago Chronicle editorialist Edith Sessions Tupper condemned this style, along side the goatee, as indicative of a person “,who was self-loving, sinister, and pompous as a peacock. the style is usually known as a “,Charlie”, once King Charles I of England, WHO was painted by Sir Anthony Vandyke with this kind of beard.

The style was worn by Van Dyke himself, and by several of the sitters for his portraits, together with King Charles I of England. The Russian Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Ilich Lenin additionally wore a Van Dyke. The Van Dyke had a revival within the 19th century and was worn by many well-known figures together with general custer (among alternative styles) and also the actor Monty Sir Leonard Woolley. commissioned military officer Sanders would conjointly qualify as having a Van Dyke.


Many peoples would rather not grow their facial hair because it appearance clean and tidy. it’,ll never be out of trend, particularly if you’,re a part of the company world which can need you to appear at your best. In fact, per some surveys, ladies like men who shave. The Clean Shaven Style is a choice so that looks nice guy

it is a really clean beard style, which means the absence of any facial hair.While it’,s truthful to mention that growing facial hair comes with an explicit set of advantages, an equivalent can even be same for the clean-shaven look.

For one, studies and surveys show that majority of girls like the clean shaven look.Women appear to like the clean shaven search for a range of reasons together with hygiene.

A number of respondents have conjointly same that once a person is free from facial hair, it shows that he has nothing to cover in his countenance.

He is not making an attempt to disguise skin problem or a weak chin however is simply assured in showing off what he has!


The circle beard style, its name from its form, Also known as the “standard” beard. It combines a mustache and a rounded goatee to make the distinct form.

Part of the circle beard’s quality stems from the actual fact that it’,s comparatively simple to maintain: As long because the beard retains its round shape and short hair it’s absolutely acceptable.

Sporting circle beards have variety of advantages.

It’s an excellent way to conceal a softer jaw line or perhaps skin breakouts and additionally works well on beardsmen who have square faces and jaws.


A goatee could be a style of beard worn on the chin, very similar to a Billy Goat’s beard and isn’,t purported to be connected to a moustache.

A proper goatee should have hair right below the lower lip and also the normal size for a goatee beard has got to be identical because the dimension of the beardsman’s mouth.

To grow a goatee should enable the hair below the lower lip to grow down into the a part of the beard growing on the chin.

The sides are then outlined as vertical lines or slightly curved, supported the beardsman’s preference and therefore the hair is then rounded off at the lowest of the chin.


The extended goatee is a mix of the goatee and therefore the mustache.

Even a lot of variations on this style is attained by merely adjusting the shapes and angles of the hair extensions.

Circle beard in style

In look it’,s sort of a moustache connected to a beard, however with the sideburns grow an extended goatee it’s recommended the beardsman permits a bigger space of hair to grow than the popular size. Once there’,s enough growth it becomes an easy bear on trim the extended goatee into the specified form and size.


For the person who extremely needs to create a bearing along with his facial hair, the Imperial style is actually one that may do that!

The imperial style isn’,t really a beard however rather a hair and was common in France throughout the period of the Second Empire, wherever it got the name Imperial, rather than the former Royale.

It is not to be confused with the Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Imperial however is similar wherein the particular hair is connected to the hairs that grow on the cheeks and therefore the undeniable fact that the ideas curl over whereas with the Imperial the tips merely purpose chin and sideburns are left vacant when donning the Imperial, permitting it to be the center of attention.


the Anchor beard style is a kind of beard gets its name from the shipping anchor and also the overall form ought to match one.

To get the Anchor right, a beardman’s face should be freed from sideburns, however have a beard that extends on the jawline and is then titled to a degree.

This point ought to be connected to a pencil mustache so the general shape is anchor-like. A word of caution concerning this style: it may be tough to induce right as it’s a mix of the many styles, specifically the Chinstrap, the goatee and also the handlebar.


The Balbo beard style has an interesting history. It accustomed be closely coupled to fascists as the man who created it widespread was Italian Air Marshall Italo Balbo, who was one in every of Mussolini’s henchmen throughout the second world war. In recent times although, the Balbo looks to be substitutable with actor Robert Downey Jr.

The Balbo style may be softened into 3 main sections.

First, it needs one to grow a mustache.

Secondly there’,s the hair from the chin paying attention of the patch below the lip.

The third part is that the hair that’,s allowed to grow below the patch beneath the lip, resembling the low a part of a typical beard.

For reference the Balbo ought to match an inverted “T”.

The Balbo can suit men who have narrow chins. it’,s conjointly a go-to style for men WHO might are aiming for the Van Dyke however have had some of trimming mishaps.

The Balbo is among the foremost common beard styles currently. Robert Downey, Jr., a famous american actor who marked on top grossing films like Avengers and Iron Man films, has been maintaining the Balbo search for years because it matches his features as good as.


Friendly Mutton Chops still involve sideburns however these ought to reach the edge of the mouth and ought to be connected to a mustache. keep in mind that the mustache is that the main distinction.

To grow Friendly Mutton Chops, allow sideburns grow to the corners of your mouth, at identical time permitting the mustache to grow,too.

Allow the 2 to connected to every alternative. Then, terminate a part of the sideburns by drawing an fanciful vertical line outlined at every corner of the with regular mutton chops, the bottom line of the sideburns ought to be outlined on the jaw line.


The Garibaldi is the beard style which will suit a man who is searching for a rather unkempt style. It is essentially a wide and full beard with a rounded bottom and an integrated mustache.

The Garibaldi ought to be no over twenty cm in length. While the mustache ought to be unbroken neat, the beard may be allowed to grow naturally. In fact, the a lot of natural the beard seems the better.

Circle beard in style

The Garibaldi could be a good compromise because it seems as a bold and full beard however is really shorter than most beards within the natural class.


The Verdi beard style is an example of a full beard that has been slightly styled.

It ought to be short and rounded at the bottom and will be not than 10 cm long once measured from the bottom lip.

The Verdi style additionally options a moustache that’,s distinct from the beard.

The moustache should not grow quite 1.5 cm past the corner of the mouth.

The moustache should always seem impeccably slicked.

The Verdi beard is impressed by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901).

He was an Italian serious music composer who is best well-known for masterpieces like La Traviata, Il Trovatore, and Rigoletto.


The Dutch Beard style is thought to be an old-school beard style. It is usually related to the lumberjack kind of facial hair. The Dutch additionally observed because the old Dutch is a massive and long beard.

It is connected by sideburns and is allowed to flare outward at the bottom. The Dutch mustn’,t have a mustache.


The Bandholz type of beard contains a terribly fascinating story behind it.

Eric Bandholz began as a run of the mill guy operating within the company world. In 2011, he felt a powerful need to grow a beard however invariably got negative comments from his company work surroundings.

He then determined to ditch his job and started to pursue what he calls his “urban beardsman lifestyle”.

Today, Eric Bandhoz is that the founder of Beardbrand, a corporation that focuses on men’s grooming product.

With that, he additionally became renowned for sporting a definite type of beard that is thought as the Bandholz.

The Bandholz options a mustache that’,s connected to a full beard.

Unlike the Garibaldi, the beard doesn’,t stop at the 20 cm mark however is allowed to grow freely.


The Ducktail type of beard is another twist off the initial full beard and gets its name from its look. By viewing it you’,ll simply see how much the bottom a part of this type of beard resembles the tail of a duck.

Many beardsmen think about the Ducktail an ideal compromise between the wild characteristic of getting a beard and well-groomed sophistication. It’s probably for this reason the Ducktail continues to be one amongst the most common types of beard nowadays.

To create it the higher a part of the beard is trimmed shorter whereas the hair on the chin space is allowed to grow as long as the man needs it to grow, providing that excellent mix of styled and rugged.

Circle beard in style


The Full Beard is considered a classic style and also the classic way to really grow facial hair. the total beard may be difficult to realize as not each man has the flexibility to grow one.

A full beard incorporates a terribly distinct shape: It starts at the cheek line and everything below that’,s left to grow naturally.

Beardsmen who have cheek lines that are naturally too high, or have bother process the cheek line, ar suggested to draw an unreal line from the angle of the side burn before of the ear up to the border of a moustache.

A full beard takes time and it’s suggested beardsmen who need this style begin growing their beards whereas on leave to urge past the first part. There is also strange reactions from others throughout the growing section.

After four weeks beardsmen who are successful in growing a full beard will begin shaping it and begin process a neck line.

For this method an expert stylist or barber comes extremely suggested and may sometimes spell the distinction between success and failure.


The short stubble type of beard is arguably one among the foremost easy ones around. It may be achieved by growing facial hair for some days once shaving. this kind beard appearance terribly short. To maintain a brief stubble with success, use a trimmer and change it in order that the inbuilt guard is ready all the way back.

Any hair that grows below the Adam’s apple ought to be cut using a trimmer or razor.

If you’,ve got stubble all the way to your cheeks, you’,ll be able to trim or shave the hair just under your cheekbone.


The long stubble type of beard is also trickier to take care of than its shorter counterparts.

It is additionally observed as the excellent 5 o’clock shadow as it presents as a good darkening within the lower third of a man’s face.

The long stubble is slightly longer than the medium stubble, activity about six millimeter and to realize this look an adjustable beard trimmer, set with the constitutional guard at the back can work best.

A beardsman who chooses to sport the long stubble style is additionally inspired to trim the stubble with great care that the general look remains consistent.

Stray hairs should be removed using scissors or a preciseness trimmer. Again, any hair that grows on top of the lower third of the face and below the top of the Adam’s apple should be gotten eliminate.


A medium stubble is a beard style slightly longer than the short stubble.

While the short stubble will be achieved by growing the beard for one to two days, a medium stubble might need a few of days a lot of.

A medium stubble will be anyplace between three to five mm long. Any longer and it begins to appear unkempt and sloppy. As with the short stubble, a medium stubble appearance best once unbroken at the bottom third of a man’s face and right on top of the adam’s apple.

Upper cheeks should be left clean shaven so the general look seems neat and deliberate.


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