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What if a beard simply is NOT an option?

I think you',re right - some guys do look okay with thinning hair or the horseshoe if it',s kept really short and neat. I think part of that comes from confidence and the way they carry themselves. I also think there are plenty of clean shaven bald guys who look great.

Try growing a goatee if you want, but don',t let the inability to grow a beard keep you from being sly.

There is no requirement to sport facial hair, glasses, piercings/jewelry or anything else in order to shave your head. If you want to go smooth, then do it.

I',m partial to the bald and bearded look, but even when I had hair on my head, I sported facial hair, whether it was a full goatee or just the sides and chin without the mustache, etc. I did this simply because I never liked the way I looked without facial hair.

As others have said choose what works for you, don',t let it be a deciding factor to go sly or not. With regard to the beard, if you decided to go that route, let it grow out some. You',ll be surprised at what a little patience will do. My beard is kinda patchy in some areas but it never stopped me from growing it out. I',ve never had a single negative comment made about. Most like the way it compliments my bald look.

Circle beard in style

So go for it! Experiment and you',ll come up with something that',s right for you.

We only have one life. Live life, don',t let life live you!

I had a great reply to this post earlier today and kept getting the message that I had been blocked. So I will try again.

Facial hair is not a requirement for a good looking sly dome. A lot of good looking sly guys rock a shaved face as well. Do not let the lack of facial hair deter you from shaving your dome.

The next thing I will address is facial hair. Everyone develops facial hair at different rates and at 27 I had very little facial hair.

Here are some common mistakes guys trying to grow facial hair make:

Circle beard in style

1. Expect instant gratification. Only a very few fast growers can sport a decent looking beard in 2 to 4 weeks, for most it takes 2 to 3 months. Don',t give up too soon.

2. Trim too short. It takes a very thick beard to look good when trimmed to stubble length. A sparse beard will look better if allowed to get longer, opposite of a thinning dome that looks better buzzed close.

So my advice is to let it grow for three months to see what you can grow, then determine the best style to suite you growth pattern. There is a slight chance it may be a full beard, but you may fine a good Riker beard (low cheek line), a chin strap, goatee, circle beard, or solo mustache. Any beard style works with a shaved dome. Then remember to try again in another year or so to see if you beard has matured in those sparse areas. At your age I could only grow a mustache. In my early 30',s I could grow a circle beard, and my beard continued to develop until my mid 40',s when I first was able to gray a full beard. It is sparse, but looks OK with some length, not so good trimmed short.

--- Quote from: GettingThere13 on February 04, 2014, 11:27:42 AM ---Anyway, the fact of the matter is, genetically I am pretty unlikely to ever really have thick facial hair. My dad can',t grow a full beard (good goatee, though), my uncle has an attempt at a full beard, but you can',t see it if you',re more than 10 feet away. My uncles on my other side of the family have thin mustaches, and none have ever been able to grow a full beard.

I see so many guys growing out a nicely trimmed beard and it complements the chrome dome SO well! Actually, most bald guys I see are doing a facial hair thing. I',m a bit insecure about this, as I have what',s always been referred to as a "baby face," even at the age of 27. I',ve been working on letting a little bit of stubble come in (obviously it',s not perfectly even, but with time, as I let it grow and just trim without actually shaving my face, it',s filling in bit by bit).

Your mileage may vary, but the biggest mistake guys make with facial hair is cutting it too short because that substantially magnifies patchiness, holes, color &, density variations, rough texture, skin visibility, and growth angles. The only benefit is that you',ll never have stray hairs sticking out in odd directions. Honestly the only guys who can pull off stubble are the lucky few with incredible density, but even those guys would look better with a modest 1" in length since a dense stubble beard often look like beard tattoos since there',s no length to provide volume.

Circle beard in style

I always thought I had a mediocre beard that wasn',t bad but wasn',t anything close to what I wanted, and a big part of that was cluelessness on how to grow a beard. I usually kept it too short and (when fully bearded) kept the neckline too high so it looked bad. I had a beard for over a decade before I even started getting a clue. Through trial and error I now keep most of it at 2"-3" in length and figured out how to trim and brush it. I used to get "Beard Envy" seeing a guy with an awesome beard because I',d then look at my pathetic attempt. Now when that happens and I take a look at my beard I realize that some amazing beard really isn',t as radically superior to mine as I had thought. I feel like I can "hold my own" as the expression goes.

What I',m getting at is that instead of limiting yourself to a length that is bound to forever disappoint, go the opposite way and push beyond the boundary you arbitrarily set for yourself and when you pass it, keep going and hit the next boundary. At 27 you',re probably close to fully developed to give it a shot and actually see what you are capable of doing. Do it once so that you really know for sure what really is the best style for you.

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