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Talk about Men and you talk about beards. Nothing looks better than men clean shaved, but beards have their very own charm. Owning a beard of his choice in this scorching heat is a Hercules task to say the least for men, but guys seriously? No beard? With this trend picking a bottleneck pace let’s have a glance at some of the best stubble styles that make you keep a beard for life. Full beard style guide.


If there is one style that a man can give his life for then it’s the hipster beard style. There is been a legendary saying “Whenever you shave a beard you hear a hipster scream, stop shaving save the hipster”. You need to make peace with all the frustration that builds up of keeping a hipster beard. Hipster beard is idyllic for every man who has a love for beards.


Full beard is the most classic way of keeping a beard. It’s a favourite of the veteran actors. With a decent groom it looks classic and without it rough. Keeping a well groomed full beard is no cakewalk and it takes minimum 4 weeks to put up a good show. A full beard can certainly redefine your elegance making you look like a complete package for women.

Full beard style guide


Whatever Robert Downey Jr puts up becomes a fashion. But to be honest to Robert Downey Jr, it was a balbo beard that gave him a stand out look once and for all. All it needs is 4 week long wait with a flawless finishing with your razor and you are ready to go. It requires tautological trimming of the face and neck hair if you want to maintain balbo’s core element.

Goatee Beard

Stroking a goatee beard is a man’s dearest hobby while he is thinking like a fox. Originating it’s name from the tuft of hair on a goat’s chin, goatee is one of the most eye-catching styles of beard with scarce hair on your face. Goatee adds a very tidy and stable look to your face, a combination that’s hard to produce in all beard styles.

Full beard style guide

Bandholz Beard

You develop a sheer respect for the man who has managed to get a Bandholz beard. And why would one not? Bandholz is the desire every beard evangelist breathes. This type of beard is highly genetic contingent. You need to build your life around this beard if you want this piece of gem bleeding awesomeness from your face.

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