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Your beard and haircut are co-dependent, like the clown fish and the sea anemone they rely on each other for steeze, survival and synergy. Whatever your unique haircut is, whether you’ve been rocking the same undercut since grade 8 (don’t cut what ain’t broke) or are going through your dreadlock-psytrance phase, growing a beard is like adding three shots of Patron to your face cup – it will change the taste and increase the awesomeness. Beard and hair styles.

To ensure that the hair that grows from the top of your face is as respected as the hair at the bottom, we broke down a few hairstyle and beard combos.

Shit, the man bun cops a lot of hate. It is like the swastika of hairstyles. I try and remain impartial to crazes, but this one has caused a lot of controversy and it is almost impossible not to take sides. Basically, it is growing your hair out and then when you are sick of it falling into your face, tying it up – not that big a deal. I dig the mortal Jesus, the sasquatch, the hairier the better in my eyes. So if you’ve been blessed with hair on both ends, let it grow, because hair is analogous to cool and proves to women that you are capable of commitment.

This hairstyle made a comeback when some bearded chap found a black-and-white photo of his Grandad and thought fuck yeah. Since, the part has strapped itself to the beard, and both have spread through the world like an epidemic of the gentleman. The part speaks of business, astuteness and erudition, which is the perfect counterbalance for a big bushy beard. The combination of contradicting stereotypes confuses and entrances, and will transform your face into an optical illusion that if deciphered spells success.

Beard hair looks like pubes

Undercut/Short Back and Sides

On the barren shores of the beardless, the undercut has been instituted as a staple. So it goes without saying that the bearded gents have appropriated it too, and thus increased its steeze by 300%. Done correctly your side-profile should go hair, stubble, hair in both directions like a zebra crossing, or a strobe light, and be equally powerful and convincing. Due to this haircut’s trendiness it can complement any beard from Bushy Bob to Styling Steve, and keep you from looking shabby.

If you want to look like you ride motorbikes and know how to wield a knife, this is the haircut for you. Basically bald, but with a layer of short spiky hair to let everyone know your still young enough to brawl. When coupled with a beard the buzz is unfathomably righteous. The bigger the beard the better, so wait a couple months before you give your locks the chop.

Beard and long hair styles

For those whose hairy days have passed them the beard is the perfect accomplice. In fact, bald men tend to have stronger beards as the same hormone that causes balding helps beards grow. So let your beard run wild, what have you go too loose, chin hair is just as important as head hair, and if you turn upside-down, what’s the difference?

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Bald hair and beard styles

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