Men's beard styles round face. The KOBI KOACHMAN Guide to Men s BEARDS-How to Choose the Right Beard Style that Fits Your Face MR KOACHMAN

Told in the form of a story + guide on right beards styles for all face types Men's beard styles round face.

THEME: How I learnt from God that he intends all Males to grow beards

I strongly believe that the right beard style can enhance a guy’s facial features. Sadly, I see a lot of men these days growing beards in the wrong way, for instance, I believe that if you are carrying an afro haircut, you shouldn’,t spot a big beard as well. This should be the basic rule and for those of you who don’,t want to believe the rest of the things I write here, please believe this one. Unless of course you are trying to prove a point that the SUN is round in shape, which we already know, there is no need to spot an afro beard style and an afro hair style together.

So in summary, if you are already making this mistake, go shave off your hair or reduce it. If you CANNOT reduce the entire hair, then trim off the sides of the hair for a mid-skin fade and tapered sides

Another ImportantTip: Before you grow a beard, it is best to find the right beard style for your face. There are some general rules on how to choose this and we will look at each face shape and the appropriate beard to go with it much later, but first let’s talk about a few basics to build the foundation so you can believe without a single doubt that what you are about to do is a justifiable course. #GrowYourBeards

Here is my Story!!

It’,s Sunday Night, 26th July 2015: Time now 11:45pm

I worked all through Saturday night till Sunday morning and decided not to go to church earlier this morning but rather to stay home, rest and sleep till later in the evening before going to the salon to have a hair cut in preparation for work tomorrow. I initially thought the Devil was at work, how can I miss morning service again today?…,didn’t know God had a different plan for me.

Fast forward to 5:30pm, I was up from bed &, bored, so I dressed up and drove off to church for the 6pm evening service [last service for the day]. It was a short and concise service which bordered on teachings of the Old Testament [Hardly do I hear old testament teachings these days in church]. Frankly I wasn’,t so much interested, so I used the opportunity to just sit and browse through my IPAD the books of the Old Testament which I haven’,t read a line from in over 5 years.

Long story cut short…,I left the church at the end of the 1 hour evening service and started heading to my barbing salon within my estate to have my routine once-a-week “beard cut” – I call it that cos the concentration is usually on the beard. It takes just about 5-10 minutes to wrap up my hair cut and another 45 minutes to 1 hour to “,pamper”, and groom my beards.

How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes behind your veil are doves. Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from the hills of Gilead.

Beard styles round face

Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.

And the king said, “Remain at Jericho until your beards have grown and then return.”

So back at the hair is the conversation that took place between me and my barber (Paul).

7:25pm – Mr. Kobi: Evening Paul, how are you today? [as I sat down on the chair]

7:30pm – Paul: [Silence] as he started cutting my hair [Paul is my favorite barber, he knows my hair style is constant, [skin cut], however, he usually suggests beards style and have at one time refused to trim my beards based on my request, until I explained and pleaded, that I was only doing so for a Business Presentation I had the next day]

7:40pm –, [Paul was done with the haircut and moved over to the beard management without asking me any question about what I wanted, cos he already knew]

8:30pm –, [Still total silence for the past 50 minutes, as I thought deeply about writing this article when I got home]

8:40pm –, Thanks Paul [as I paid for the service with an extra tip on top, just before leaving the salon]

Men's facial hair styles round face

As I left the barber’,s shop, I continued thinking about those scriptures. It was as if scales fell off my eyes while on my way home, I saw a deeper meaning to those words, this truly inspired me to stay awake tonight to write this piece while also advising you gents on the guide to choosing the right beard style that is suitable for different face shapes and types. Before you criticize this guide, ask Abraham Lincoln who believes men must sport beards.


First, examine your facial structure and identify the category you fall into, then, find a good barber so as to start grooming your way to a better-looking version of yourself.

Men with this shape are the luckiest, as a variety of facial hair styles will complement this shape. The oval face shape is considered the ideal shape and requires no special shaping to balance facial features. Do whatever you like and you’,ll look great.

Individuals with round faces should try facial hair styles that have the effect of making faces appear masculine and oval-shaped. When shaping the beard for around face, go a bit longer at the chin to add length and make the face appear less round. Avoid bushy sideburns and keep the sides of the beard short. In lieu of a full beard, a goatee is often a good option for a round face

Men with square faces should opt for styles that make their faces appear less box-like and more slender.

Similar to shaping a beard for a round face, the beard for a square face should be shorter at the sides and longer at the chin to add length to the face. A goatee is also a good option for men with square faces.

Exactly opposite of the round face, the long face requires a beard which is fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin. The goal here is to add width to the sides and make the face appear less long. Make sure to avoid abrupt changes in length so the shaping is not obvious.

Beard styles round face

Small faces require small facial hair. Larger, fuller styles will make the face get lost and appear out of proportion. Also follow the rules above for the appropriate face shape.

Since the face is large, any small facial hair or beard will appear out of proportion and make the face appear bigger. Keep the beard fuller and the mustache larger. Also follow the rules above for the appropriate face shape.

GENTLEMEN WITH BEARDS #BeardGang #BeInspired #BeStylish


Alright Gentlemen, I sincerely hope I’ve been able to inspire a lot of you today to start growing your beards and most importantly choosing a beard style that is suitable for your face shape. One thing I must leave you with is this: Growing a beard takes patience, and you must resist the urge to shave it off when the temptations comes knocking. Cos it surely will.

Thanks as always, for reading. Please feel free to drop your comments and contributions here or write me –, mrkobi@kobikoachman.comif you have inquiries or you are interested in any of the services we offer .Your feedback helps us improve and serve you better.

Till you hear from me again, continue to Do Well. Live Well and Dress Really Well. Be Stylish.

NB:Wow, it’s almost 4:30am. Oh and it’s popsie’s birthday today! HBD Professor. Joe S.C. Mbagwu, the man from whom I got the inspiration earlier in life to grow my beards. I’m sure you are celebrating in heaven with the angels now. This article is dedicated to you Pops. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Sayonara!

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