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Beard is one of the important facial features for men. When you plan to grow, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind. A lot of men having oval face shape tend to face the problem of getting the right beard styles. To help you get the right and the perfect one mentioned are some of the different beard styles that go well with oval shape: Heavy stubble beard styles.

As the name suggests, this is one beard style that requires a lot of attention, grooming and maintenance. To sport a perfect professional beard, it is important for the hair to be kept short and the lines sharper and tight. This further works by giving your toned face definition and strong character. You are advised to create a defined line underneath the chin by shaving the neck. This can even be your signature beard style if you know how to take good care of it.

One of the growing beard trends among men is Hipster beard. You can mix this beard style with curly hair and long hair. As this beard style tends to be longer than usual and thicker, it is wise to keep it well maintained. It requires a great level of maintenance. The rough appearance it offers is something every man loves. Do not forget to trim the moustache around the mouth. Traditional handlebar moustaches are also a trend among the hipsters, but then it requires extensive styling and grooming.

Among the different beard styles for men, Captain Jack is one of the most favoured and considered beard style. This beard style is sharp and helps in enhancing your facial characteristics. It is a mix of moustache, goatee-like whiskers and soul patch. It is important to trim and shave your beard on a regular basis for a perfect shape.

Heavy stubble beard styles

These are some of the beard styles for men majorly for the ones having the oval shaped face. Try some of them!

There are a lot of different beard styles you can choose from. However, you have to understand that there are also a lot of factors that are needed to be considered in order for you to find the right one that will match your features. Distinct face shapes require various beard styles. Remember, what looks good on others may not exactly look the same on you.

I have consolidated the best beard styles for 2016 from sources like Men',s Stylists and 20 Cool Full Beard Styles for Men to Tap Into Now that will surely add oomph to your looks. You can experiment as much as you want in order for you to find what will really look good on you. You should have the patience especially if you are aiming for longer beard styles as of course, you will look unkempt while waiting for it to grow.

Heavy stubble beard styles

The Balbo is among the most popular beard styles these days. Robert Downey, Jr., a renowned American actor who starred on top grossing films such as The Avengers and Iron Man, has been maintaining the Balbo look for years as it matches his features pretty well.

The Bandholz beard style was popularized by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand. He was into the corporate world until he fell in love with beards. He got negative comments because of his drive to grow his beard until its limit, thus, he has quit his job and decided to put up Beardbrand

Beardbrand was just a community before. Eric posted blogs, YouTube videos, and Tumbler entries to provide information to enthusiasts who would like to keep their beards at its finest condition. Later on, he has decided to turn it into a business by offering high-quality products that really work wonders. From beard oils, washes, and softeners, to scissors and combs, the Beardbrand is certainly a one-stop shop.

Heavy stubble beard styles

The friendly mutton chops is also referred to as the sideburns, sideburns or side whiskers. The term “sideburns” was derived from Ambrose Burnside, a renowned American Civil War general.

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