Heavy stubble beard styles. Best beard trimmer for stubble, What is the best stubble trimmer?

4 ways to maintain that perfect stubble

Stubble is a perfect way to dominate the facial hair game. You just need nice stubble in order to look hot and handsome. Stubble is much better than a clean shaven look as well as a beard. It is a medium way between these two facial hair styles and is found attractive by most of the women out there, as pointed out by various studies Heavy stubble beard styles.

However, stubble works only when you maintain it properly and on a regular basis. So, what can you do in order to get that perfect stubble look everyday that can make you look manlier and give you a sexy appeal? No, you do not have to just sit there and wait for your facial hair to grow. You need to maintain stubble that can enhance your overall personality, for which you have to work and follow these tips. Plus, you need to buy the best stubble trimmer, which you can choose from here.

1. Exfoliate

You must wash your face with a high quality facial scrub or face wash, which will remove the dead skin cells on your face. This will also lift your facial hair, so that you can get a smoother glide. Moreover, you must wash your face regularly using a facial cleanser in order to keep your stubble clean at all times. You can exfoliate your face twice or thrice a week.

Heavy stubble beard styles

2. Shape it

You need to shape your stubble well with the help of a stubble shaver. Shave your facial hair carefully in the direction of your hair growth. Do not shave quickly. See how much you are shaving in order to maintain the correct length of your stubble, such as a 5 mm beard. If you shave too much or let your facial hair to grow, your stubble look can be ruined.

3. Maintain the length

It is really important to maintain the right length of your stubble. You need to stop your stubble from becoming a full beard. Plus, you should not even clean shave or trim your facial hair too short. Using a nice stubble trimmer can help you maintain the length of your stubble with the help of handy adjustable stubble cutting guides.

Heavy stubble beard styles

4. Use the best trimmer for stubble

In order to maintain the perfect stubble, you need to buy the best beard trimmer for stubble. You can opt for the Philips Norelco All-in-One Styler &, Shaver, which you can use for both trimming as well as shaving. It also allows you to trim your facial hair in different styles, such as a stubble, beard, goatee, sideburns, or moustache. So, buy the best beard trimmer for stubble and make sure that you achieve a hot stubble look. Read this article (link to main article), which can help you choose the best stubble trimmer.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your stubble looks nice and well groomed every time. Generally, you need to trim your stubble once every 3 to 4 days in order to stop it from growing into a beard. However, the time can vary depending on the growth of your facial hair and whether you want heavy stubble or a light one. People who have less facial hair growth can even wait for a week to trim their stubble.

Heavy stubble beard styles

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