Beard trimming styles gq. How to Maintain Style the Perfect Beard for ‘Movember’ By Asgar Sab Creme de la Bride

With Movember underway, there has never been a better time to decide to grow a beard, not only will you be sporting a fresh new look, but you will be doing your part for a good cause! Maintain beard styles.

The best beards take patience, preparation and care, so why not follow this simple guide by celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo to help you get the perfect beard.

There is a time when you first start to grow your beard where the hairs are emerging rather unevenly and you are not left with the most attractive of looks. Asgar recommends the best option would be to use an electric shaver to trim the longer patches of your beard so you are left with an even length across your face. This will slow down the growth of the beard, however it will improve overall appearance throughout the first few weeks.

Throughout the year, beards have bloomed in popularity. Asgar advises that you make sure your beard compliments the shape of your face before styling it –, not everyone can pull off the rugged ‘Tom Hardy’ bearded look!

1. Square –, Men with square faces should opt for styles that make their faces appear less box-like and more slender. The best style for this facial shape is a light but all-over beard, this will mean you are constantly trimming your beard with your electric shaver to ensure it stays a suitable length.

2. Round –, In order to add shape to the face, it is important to ensure the length of the hair on your chin is longer than the sides. Try to avoid bushy sideburns and keep the sides of the beard short.

Beard trimming style guide

3. Triangular –, Men with triangular-shaped faces tend to have very pointed chins. Having a longer, fuller beard will make these faces appear more masculine by adding weight along the jaw line and chin.

Heavy Moustache/ Thinner Beard –, This works for men with oblong-shaped or rectangular face. A rounded chin is even better. To achieve this just let it grow but purchase a pair of moustache scissors to keep the strays from getting too wild.

Touch of Scruff –, This looks like it doesn’t take too much effort, but indeed it does. It works for oval, symmetrical faces. Absolutely necessary is to go over your beard with a trimmer every day to keep it fresh looking.

Distinguished Gentleman –, Silvery chin hairs suit a face with a narrow forehead and broad jawline (pear-shaped). Time and patience is needed, as well as using a trimmer with adjustable settings every other day.

For those of you that have never grown a beard, it is vital to remember to keep it clean. Asgar highly recommends using a fine-toothed comb to keep your beard smooth and free from tangles. Don’t forget to use shampoo and conditioner on your beard as its length increases, this will keep it clean and stop the beard smelling like damp hair. One of the most beneficial products that you should invest in is clear shaving oil, this will allow you to see what you are shaving and will ensure clean lines around your beard. This will also sooth your skin in the early stages of growth, which Asgar advises will help with itchiness through the first few weeks.

Beard trimming styles tips

To neaten your look further, it is important to trim your neckline, upper cheeks and moustache lip. Men will usually trim their beard too much, this will lead to mistakes being made and shaving off the whole beard. Wait at least a month before you begin trimming as you are simply trying to shape the beard, not remove it.

Asgar Saboo: As well as having styled Bollywood superstars including actor, Hrithik Roshan and top models including Cindy Crawford for the front covers of high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Asgar’s work has also graced the fashion and style sections of national newspapers such as The Observer, The Times, The Independent and The Daily Mail. Imparting his words of wisdom on good hair care, Asgar has also been a regular columnist for the UK’s leading national newspaper targeting the South Asian Diaspora Eastern Eye since 2005. Asgar has appeared on several top TV and radio shows, including the BBC’s Clothes Show and the Asian TV Breakfast for three years.

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