Beard shape styles. This is a man s world and it would be nothing without a beard * Design Catwalk

It’,s been a while since we heard talking about moustaches and beards, in the last years the macho and gentleman with a bearded look came definitely back in the limelight. We’,re not only talking about classic moustache and beard, there is a wide range of styles of which, I sincerely couldn’,t even imagine the existence. Beard types and styles.

A stylish blog about beards has been created by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, a tumblr where a photographic project called 100 beards 100 days has been described by the New York Times as “,A great project, is well Conceived and beautifully executed.”, And we totally agree.

Even the razor brand Braun has decided to start a blog about beard-hunting, who better than them could create a site called “, Shave your style ”, and a wikibeardia section? Another amazing project about beards has been conceived by the photographer Justin James Muir who realized A book of beard for a good cause and with a fantastic piece called “,Time”, of Mike Cummings:

Beard designs and styles

If the age of a tree can be determined by the rings it contains within, consider a man’,s whiskers his own measuring stick. They come in all shapes and sizes. And the eventually will all turn grey at some point. Long or short, thick or thin, unkempt or cropped, the hair on a man’,s chin can say a lot about the time he has spent on this planet. Growing a beard is not something that can be rushed. It’,s a slow process, staring at you in the mirror everyday. It is the epitome of the word “,time”,. And time can do a lot of things to a man. It can build him memories, friendships, and loves. It can take those very things away. The question I am inevitably asked when meeting someone is “,I wish I could grow a beard like that. How do you do it?”, To which I respond with the only truthful answer there is…, time.

So choose your style and shave!

Beard types and meanings

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