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Since 2013, men’s magazines, keen cultural observers, hipster haters and even the odd university professor have been predicting the end of the beard. Year after year articles have surfaced with headlines such as ‘Have we reached peak beard?’ and ‘Why 2014/15/16 is the year the beard will die’ only to be proved wrong as men up and down the country opted to use their beards as an important expression of their own style. But could 2017 be the year the beard finally gets the chop? Stubble beard styles.

As the best predictor of trends there is, what better place to hunt for clues than the catwalks and street style of London Fashion Week Men’s? Male grooming and styling brand Braun was there, on the ground, with street style photographer Garçon Jon, to gather evidence of the demise, or otherwise, of the beard trend. Let’s review that evidence now...

First up, street style

While the catwalks give us a look at what the fashion-conscious male will be sporting next season, street style looks give us a snapshot of the trends being worn right now.

It seems like the most popular style that fashion week attendees sported this year was stylised stubble, with groomed goatees being another firm favourite. The new Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3080 has detachable smart clippers, making it the perfect tool for trimming facial hair to precise length settings, and letting men express defined looks that are unique to them.

While letting facial hair grow may be a more low-maintenance option than a daily shave, these snaps illustrate why keeping it looking clean and shapely helps to give the look a more considered and pulled-together feel.

Stubble beard styles 2015

And on the catwalk?

Stubble-groomed beards and styled facial hair may have been the order of the day on the street, but when it came to the shows, the beard didn’t make the cut, with designers eschewing even subtle stubble.

Brands such as JW Anderson, Oliver Spencer and Vivienne Westwood all sent models down the runway without so much as a smidgeon of five o’clock shadow.

For the more dedicated followers of fashion the ruling from the catwalk is clear: a fresh shave would appear to be the way to go. But with the real men of London Fashion Week Men’s - those on the street-to-show circuit - preferring everything from subtly defining stubble to a full tapered beard in all its glory, there is no doubt the beard is here to stay.

It seems as though the only loser was the ‘bushy just-got-out-of-bed’ look, which was nowhere to be seen at this year’s shows. Time to select your tools…

Stubble beard looks

From the catwalk to the street, regardless of your style, the new Multi Grooming Kits and beard trimmers from Braun help create defined looks that are unique to you. If you’re looking to let your own style out for the season ahead, the new range can help you give your facial hair a fresh look. Letting you clean shave or trim to anywhere between 0.5 and 21mm, you can create anything from contoured stubble to groomed goatees. And what’s more, the dedicated hair and body grooming heads will allow you to take control of your look from head to toe.

Braun's new styling range - in pictures

To keep your facial hair in check however long, be sure to select a trimmer that has adjustable length guards

The new Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK 3080 also comes with a detachable smart hair clipping head, allowing you to get a great haircut at home.

The new Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK 3080 can trim hair at one of up to 39 precise length settings.

Stubble beard styles

The new Braun Multi Grooming Kits, from RRP £29.99 to RRP £52.42 (kit shown). Available at boots.com , , ,

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