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Ormara: A barber is about to trim the beard in line with the Islamic tradition as instructed by the local Municipal Committee. Photo by the author Islamic beard styles.

The Municipal Committee in Ormara, a town in District Gwadar, has introduced a ban on shaving the beard into modern styles, reportedly under pressure from JUI-F Group.

Orrmarra is located 230 kilometers east of Gwadar on the Makran Coast region. The population in the area consists of two main parts, Orrmarra cantonment, and Orrmarra Municipal Committee. The ban on beard styling has been introduced in the Orrmarra Municipal Committee area, where most of the residents are fishermen and civilians.

It may be noted that the city also houses a naval base of Pakistan Navy.

The Chairman Municipal Committee Ormara, Qazi Amir Iqbal told Pak Voices that a meeting was called to fix the prices of groceries for the month of Ramadhan, which comprised members of the municipal committee, traders and barbers. And the prices of commodities were fixed during the meeting, he said.

Islamic beard styles

The chairman added, “In the same meeting, on an appeal from Molvi Mohammad Ameen, a committee member who belongs to JUI (F), the barbers were told not to style beards into modern designs”.

When contacted by Pak Voices for his point of view, Molvi Ameen said, “Along with the prices of many other commodities, the charges of beard shaving were also discussed.”,

“,We came to know that a simple shaving and trimming of beard, according to the Islamic tradition, costs 50 rupees whereas the modern designs cost much more.”,

On this, he said that he appealed to the barbers to shave beards only according to the Islamic tradition so that no desecration is committed of the Sunnah of the beard. He explained that the barbers’ community was appealed to keep to the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

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To discuss the matter further, Pak Voice contacted the famous barber of the city, Saqlain Hussain who confirmed that they (barbers) cannot trim beards into shapes and designs except the one in line with the Islamic convention. “The Municipal Committee has bound us and issued strict orders regarding this.”,

Mohammad Shahzad, a worker at the shop, also verified the account of his colleague Hussain.

On the other hand, the Chairman Municipal Committee Ormara, Qazi Iqbal clarified that there is no ban enforced by the Committee. He explained that they had just appealed to the barbers to follow the Islamic tradition of the beard.

Since the instruction of the committee, the barbers in the city are trimming the beard only in accordance with the Sunnah. They are not creating designs and modern shapes. They say they are declining their clients’ demands. However, some among youth have got their beards fashioned into French cuts and goatees.

Muslim beard styles

Waseem Hussain is working with PakVoices as a citizen Journalist from Ormara.

Edited by Hasan Khan and Translated by Tariq Mahmood

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