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While this may be your first time digging deeper into beard styles without a mustache, they have in fact been around for a really long time. This is not just a young man’,s game, many business professionals are sporting this cool yet sophisticated look because it helps to distinguish them from the crowd. Beard and mustache styles.

Similar to the dozens of shorter and longer beard styles, trimming off the mustache can instantly create one of several dozen attractive beard styles that you can experiment with.

Going with a beard and no mustache is perfect for guys with a diamond-shaped or elongated face because it broadens your chin base and balances out your features. So sit back as we dig deep and discuss these 21 impressive beard styles without mustache that will transform your face from average to manly overnight.

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1. The Soul Patch

Probably the easiest of all the beard styles to maintain without a mustache because it is nothing more than a landing strip from your bottom lip to your chin. The little area can be wide or thin, square or triangular, shaped differently each month or allowed to really grow out and become the focal point of the face.

The only real maintenance is having to keep the rest of the face completely shaven so that the soul patch stands out on your face, it loses its punch when there is stubble nearby.

2. The Chinstrap

If you are looking for beard styles without mustache that really make a lasting impression, the chinstrap is one of those styles that really holds its own without any help from a mustache. This is also a great beard style choice for guys with patchy beard hair because you can sculpt it around those problem areas.

The perfect alternative to the work involved with growing a full beard. This beard basically runs the sides of your face down to the chin. Variations allow for the hair to grow at the bottom of the chin too.

3. The Chin Curtain

The chin curtain is not only easy to grow, you have the flexibility to maintain it in a number of ways. Similar to a curtain hanging down from your jawline, the beard can be trimmed right up to the soul patch.

The only real requirement for this style is that the hair above the upper lip must be shaved. Trimming on a regular basis will help to maintain the look, keeping facial hair off the cheeks will help to bring out the appeal of the chin curtain.

4. The Mutton Chops

While technically not a beard, the mutton chops are a throwback to one of the more daring facial hair styles dating back several decades. Those who allow the mutton chops to really grow down the side of their face can really transform their look and do something most men are afraid to try.

Thick manly mutton chops can be shaped to follow the jaw line and give the rounded face more prominence. To maintain the appeal of the mutton chops, the upper lip and chin area must be shaved regularly so stubble does not grow and take away from the look.

List of beard and mustache styles

5. The Neat Chinstrap

The neat chinstrap is really a work of art if you can pull it off. The challenge with this beard style is you need to grow out the beard to just the right length where you can brush and style the beard, but not too long.

Once the hair is the ideal length, the trimming needs to be done frequently to keep the look, while shaving the cheeks and mustache region needs to be done daily so stubble does not take away from the overall appearance. Most men are not up to the task, pull it off however and you instantly acquire your man card.

6. Chinstrap &, Goatee

Now while we explained earlier that the neat chinstrap requires some serious maintenance, there are still guys who feel this is not challenging enough. Therefore, we introduce the chinstrap and goatee combination. Be careful, this is not the beard style for the average man, it will require a Herculean effort to maintain, but the end result is staggering.

If you feel like you are up to the challenge, and daily trimming doesn’,t scare you, this is one of those fashionable beard styles without mustache that will pay off huge dividends. Although not a traditional goatee, the hair needs to begin at the sides of the mouth to the chin, then along the jaw lines.

7. The Lincoln Beard

The Lincoln beard is everything you thought it would be. Popularized by one of our most beloved Presidents, this beard instantly gives you prestige, power, and looks really cool if you can pull it off. Never make the mistake of disappointing our forefathers by trying to pull off this look the lazy way.

There is some serious effort required to get the look of Lincoln, but imagine how cool you will look in a tee-shirt and jeans or a business suit. The chin curtain needs to be trimmed carefully so that all the beard is the exact same length. No hair stubble under the nose, under the lips, or cheeks.

8. The Long Goatee

The long goatee is a fun combination of a small region of facial combined with the creativity to go as long as you want. The only work required is keeping the mustache, cheeks, and jaw line regions free of stubble, then you can sculpt the goatee from the side of the mouth as low as you can go.

The goatee can be trimmed straight, but that is about. The long goatee will need minimal trimming to keep the bottom region straight, but you will certainly stand out from other mere mortals in a crowd.

9. The Chin Puff

The big misconception about the chin puff is that it is the easiest of beard styles without a mustache. Do not let that small little patch of hair under the chin fool you. The chin puff can be as tiny or large as you like, moderate trimming will be required to keep it at a precise length.

The reason there is so much work involved is because with only a small area of real estate occupied by facial hair, you have to shave the rest of the face, neck, mustache and under the lip to maintain the appeal of the puff.

10. The Full Chin Curtain

The full chin curtain gives guys the best of both worlds. Here you can grow facial hair on the majority of your face with very little in the way of maintenance.

Best beard and mustache styles

To pull of this look, the beard on the sides of the face along the jawline are left at a moderate length while the facial hair under the chin can grow as wild as you can handle. Regular trimming along the cheeks and mustache region help to give the full chin curtain its max appeal.

11. Long Beard Without Mustache

This is one beard style that separates the men from the boys. Do not try to grow out the long beard without mustache unless you have impressive hair follicles or you could wind up hurting yourself.

If you want to envision what the long beard looks like, close your eyes and think Duck Dynasty. Every male on that show has some form of the long beard, the only real requirement is shaving the mustache and letting go. Minimal trimming of the cheeks and mustache region are required.

12. Medium Beard Without Mustache

Guys who need to keep their jobs want a little control over their beards tend to opt for the medium beard over the long beard. Trimming is allowed to keep things in order, and with the right touch you could easily pull off the business casual look with minimal effort.

Keeping the neck, cheeks, and mustache area stubble free, the only real maintenance is trimming the entire beard to the same length from jaw line to the chin.

13. Both Sides Shaved

The both sides shaved beard is a twist on the mutton chops style. From a distance is looks exactly like the mutton chops except that you will be trimming the beard down to a very short height. The mustache, chin, neck, and cheeks will be shaved and the side beard will be trimmed.

This is a serious commitment that results in huge attention from anyone within eye shot. Sculpt the sides to any style, just be sure to trim on a daily basis or you go from side shaved to mutton-chop overnight.

14. The Amish Beard

The long Amish beard is everything you could imagine, and a lazy mans dream beard. The Amish beard gets its name from the Pennsylvania communities where men have long unkempt beards with no mustaches.

The beards are allowed to grow out from the sideburns to the chin and every where in between. Length is not an issue here, in fact, the longer you beard, the more you nailed this beard style. Not ideal for work environments or in industries where appearance needs to be tidy.

15. The Islamic Beard

Not to be confused with the Amish beard, the Islamic beard has a few unique features that does require a very skilled and steady hand. First, similar to the Amish beard, the Islamic beard grows out from the side to the chin, and all regions in between.

What makes this beard style unique is the trimming and shaving patter. To make this beard style work, the shape of the top of the beard needs to resemble the letter “,U”,. It takes a close razor cut to make the line in a rounded shape, but all that work will pay off. The bottom must be trimmed too, in an elongated “,U”, shape.

Styles of beard and mustache

16. Outlines Full Beard

The outlined full beard is a beard style that is going to take practice to master but worth the ride. This fun style resembles a full beard that is carefully sculpted to look similar in all location. The beard starts at the sides and goes down and below the chin, but both top and bottom of the beard lines are razor sharp, straight, and precise.

From a side view, the beard resembles a thick bold letter “,L”,, and does require daily trimming to keep stubble from diminishing your appearance.

17. Retro Sideburns

Not to be mistaken for the instantly recognizable mutton chops, the retro sideburns are a smaller version of the classics. Sideburns were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, and only a real many can bring them back in style without concern over trends or gasps from the crowd. The real work is shaving the rest of the face so those thick and luxurious sideburns come shining through.

18. Medium Stubble

The lazy man beard styles without mustache has made it to our list. The only thing required to pull off the medium stubble beard is to shave the mustache and trim the rest every day or so.

Running your precision trimmer over the rest of the face will be able to maintain the stubble look so it appears to be the same height each day. Miss a day, oh well, that means your stubble is slightly longer and can be fixed tomorrow. This is a beard style many guys can master in just a few seconds.

19. The Neck Beard

Probably the most fared beard style on our list this the neck beard. The neck beard requires shaving the entire face from the jawline up. Everything under the jaw line and on the neck simply grows out wildly to epic proportions.

The jawline needs to be trimmed so no stubble appears and allows the neck beard to command the attention it deserves. Be prepared for whispers and glares from those mere mortals that dream to take on the challenge you have undertaken.

So now you know all about the 21 impressive beard styles without a mustache. Start shaving off your own mustache and experiment with a few of these styles until you find one that matches your face, your needs, and your personality.

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