Most famous beard styles. 10 Masculine Beard Styles for Men of 2017 (Must Try)

If you want a unique and classic look to impress everyone around and look solely different from your present appearance, then you should choose to wear a beard. Beard has served the brave men for centuries by allowing them to enjoy high esteem, heroism and confident personalities. Beard was once thought to be the symbol of male dominance and authority, but now it is more of a fashion icon. The most refined men opt for facial hair rather than having smooth, tantalizing ad shaven cheeks. Most famous beard styles.

History of beards is as old as the man itself. Preserved and maintained by almost all ancient civilizations, beard made a strong entry into the 20 th century as well. A bearded American war general was always thought to be more robust and irrepressible than his counterparts. After 1980’s the era mostly attributed to clean and sensual cheeked men, the beards re-entered the fashion with a most echoing comeback worth noticing. That is why nowadays thousands of beard styles and their modifications are available. If you want to grow a beard, you have a complete catalogue to choose the best beard type according to your hair, face type and trend being followed by the fashion industry.

10 Best Beard Styles for Men in 2017

Here is a list of 10 most popular and trendy beard styles that can transmute your personality into an entirely different piece of art. These beard styles will allow you to relish the vivacious moments of life with the attention of the onlookers and hot ladies around you.

Hipster Beard Style:

Hipster beard is the most common and influential long beard style popular among the classic men in their late thirties and forties. This most handsome beard style adds such dynamic edge to your personality that it is almost impossible to ignore and neglect. It will give you an unflappable smart look. The hipster beard is for the most daring men with an attitude for standard and class.

Hipster beard is a long beard with face fully covered with hairs. Sideburns, cheeks, chin and moustaches are long, thick and very bulky. No patches are visible on the face. Moustaches are grown longer, and they finally look continuous with the beard. The beard has a sharp, and an immaculate outline that is mostly ovular and the beard is elongated up to the collar bone length. This beard style is a must go for any man who knows how to be virile.

Bold Beard Style:

Bold Beard Style is another long beard style that is common and adored. It is a first choice of the men wanting to adopt any long hair beard style and want to look hot, professional and elegant at the same time. Bold beard with its long and shiny texture is all you need to finalize your outstanding hunky advent.

Bold Beard Style is long beard style, with rather short hair at the sideburns which are combed downwards all the way down the chin and trimming the edges sharply to highlight the curvy outline. The most alluring feature of the bold beard is the handlebar mustaches that look fabulous on this full and long beard style. The handlebar mustaches are long, and dense mustaches combed sideways towards the outer space of the upper lips space thus creating two distinct handles on both sides. Bold beard style looks immensely attractive with pompadours, but it’s the bald hair that creates an unmatchable impact in combo with the bold beard style. Whatever the hairstyle you are going to choose, the bold beard is sure to give a vivid and vibrant appearance to your personality. Wear this unusual beard style with pride and enjoy being a true fashion icon in your social circle.

Wild and Carefree Beard Style:

Probably the most audacious long beard style is the wild beard style. As the name indicates, this beard style is a wild growth of your facial hair to let you assume a truly man like appearance that is resolute, brave and very definitive in its looks. Wild beard is for the most attractive and valiant men out there.

Most famous beard styles

Wild beard is simple to adopt and grow as no sharp and strict trimming rules are needed here. In fact, just decide to wear a wild beard and throw all the razors and shaving machines away as you don’t need to highlight an outline or trim the outgrowths at all. Just allow your hair the freedom of growth and just watch the wild beard take its full blooming appearance within a month or two. Carefree youth and mature men choose the wild and carefree beard to enhance the gorgeousness of their facial appearances without any effort.

Chin Strap Beard Style:

Now shifting from the long hair beard styles our first most popular and influential short hair beard style is chin strap. If you are searching for a beard style that offers a sharp definition to the face without looking messy and wild, chin strap can provide the best solution.

Chin strap lets the short hair cover most of the area of your face and then shaving or sharply trimming the cheeks, chins and moustaches with only leaving a medium length hairline extending across the jaw line. The length of the strap can be varied according to your choice. Moustaches are not very light but trimmed sharply to go in deluxe accordance with the jaw line strap. Chin strap gives a very refreshing and lively look to the face, and this is the reason it’s opted with passion by teens and youth alike.

The Goatee Beard Style:

The Goatee Beard Style is the one with the largest numbers of modified forms that are popular and hold millions of followers in every part of the world. The Goatee Beard Style adds such a fabulous style to the face that it enhances the charisma of your personality by thousand folds. With short hair and very precise trimming requirements, the goatee is the best choice for the professionals and business individuals alike. With hundreds of modifications and varieties, goatee still is the greatest short beard for men of every class and age group.

The Pure goatee is the most original goatee with the growth of hair around the mouth in a circular fashion with chin and moustaches covered with even and bulky hair, but the length is considerably short. Cheeks, sideburns and jawline are shaved strictly to give the central consideration to the goatee beard style. Moustaches are thick but not long and are often combed into the beard with an unremitting appearance.

Van Dyke Beard:

Van Dyke originated from the 17 th -century Flemish painter Van Dyke, but the real fame was earned by the beard style after Robert Downey Jr. wore it and he wore it with such art and mastery that van dyke beard became the standard of gorgeousness in no time. Now there are thousands of fans of van dyke from the finest fashion studios of the world to ordinary working class and university guys.

It is the most popular modification of the goatee beard style. It is characterized by the medium length moustaches that are not in connection with the beard but stay distinct and elegant. The beard is an exquisitely elongated anchor covering the chin and extends to the jaw line but does not cover it thoroughly. The overall look is heavy but short. Van Dyke is the name of the fashion and class. Espouse this beard style and show the world your grandeur, class and defiance.

Most famous beard styles

Soul Patch:

If you are looking for the most vibrant and lively beard type that will make you look young and energetic, then soul patch beard is the answer. It is the simplest yet a very influential beard.

The name says it all. A soul patch under the lip line defines this gorgeous and the most precise beard style. The patch is either horizontal or vertical but not very long and wide. It is confined sharply under the lip line and is even and rather thick, but the length is not too long. Soul patch defines the decisiveness and meticulousness of your personality. It indeed is the perfect beard style for all the adventurous guys who want to reconnoitre every reality of the world with a lively heart.

Mutton Chops:

Mutton Chops is one of the most heroic beard styles. It is unique as compared to all other Orthodox beard types. It is a style for fearless and the most unwavering men. Mutton chops found fame all around when the famous character of X-Men, the Wolverine wore it. Since then it is considered as a symbol of audacity and heroism.

Mutton Chops is unique as there is no hair on the chin and moustaches. They are clean shaved with only hair left on the cheeks and jawline extending all the way from the sideburns. Thick sideburns and prominent half jawline hair are the most distinctive features of the mutton chops. Mutton chops is not a professional beard style, it’s more of an adventure thing. Wear it and let the world see your happy-go-lucky and valiant attitude.

Mid Range Stubble Beard Style:

It’s an indolent yet hot beard style. Just pick a trimmer or thick shaving machine to clean your beard thoroughly leaving only traces of hair on your face.

It is the most famous beard type that will give you an ultimate hunky appearance. The Very light hair on the sideburns, cheeks, chin and moustaches are the key features of the stubble beard. Moustaches however sometimes are thick and bulky to add the flavour of boldness that indeed looks very charming.

French Fork:

French fork is also a unique and daring beard style. It’s classic, up-to-the-minute and very trendy at the same time. French fork is worn by heroes and the most audacious leaders.

Most famous beard styles

French fork is characterized by the growth of beard under the chin. When the chin beard attains a certain length, it is trimmed in such a way to assume an appearance of two distinct layers joined below the chin but running parallel and downward. The French fork lengths are variable, and the moustaches are there to add a final touch of glory. The hair on the cheek and sideburns are relatively short and precise.

All these beard styles are a classic way to attain the most enterprising and gallant male features. Wear a beard with style and see the world falling in love with the vogue and impact that your beard will create on the opposite sex.

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