Long beard styles 2012. Latest Beard Styles-How To Choose a Perfect Beard Style Which Suits You

Beard is the sign of power, independence, strength and manliness. The finest thing about beard is its impermanence. You might grow a long one and it shall remain forever or perhaps you grow stubble and later go for razor. Beard styles are normally transitory depending on one’s own wish and desire. Some guys like to adhere with the same style persistently and other likes to switch from one style to another with fashion and trends. Long beard styles.

Likewise, beard style also depends on your occupation or job, whether your job allows you to have a beard or not. On the other hand, weather also plays a vital role in beard style transitions, like people love short beard or sometime stubble in summers while long beard in winters. Come lets talk about some latest beard styles and some key points on how to select a specific style from different beard styles which suit your face also.

A Perfect Beard

Whatever beard length you want, the perfect beard style is somewhat tricky to choose. Because as every single person has his distinct face shape, a single beard style can’t suit us all. Because it is your jaw line and forehead that describes your whole face shape, where jaw line decides your beard styles.

So if you want a quick image change, don’t fret, because changing beard style would do it quickly as it is cheaper and a sound investment rather than changing the whole wardrobe. But which style to choose is a main question.

Here is a smart guide for the guys who love to play with beard to change their overall style.

Wait Until It Grows

The first step to change your beard style to a perfect one is to wait. You have to wait until your beard grows enough to style it. It might take some days or weeks to get a perfect beard length. Till then, you might look a little bit scruffy or unclean at your office or workplace. So it’s better to grow beard hair in vacations rather during working days. The time for beard growth depends on the beard length. If you want a long beard style then it will take more time. It is the same as your hairstyle. So, patience is the main goal in beard transition from ordinary one to a stylish one.

Long hair beard styles

Face Shape And Beard Styles

The foremost ruling in choosing the perfect beard style is determining the face shape. Your professional will always step first to determine what face shape you have then he will give you suggestions of beard styles that your face can accustomed to. There are four types of face shapes commonly seen, oval, oblong, square and round. Your beard style mainly depends on your jaw shape.

Here is a handy guide about best beard styles on different face shapes:

Long &, Narrow Face Shape

Guys with narrow chin usually have long faces. So long beards tend to further elongate their face shapes, which is not so good idea. So for such guys the perfect beard style would be short hair that will help to shorten their face length plus making their narrow and sharp face feature more prominent. For narrow and long faces stubble style would be better. It will take few days usually 2-3 days to grow hair for this style. After growing hair just trim them every second or third day to avoid long hair growth. Or you can use trimmer of grade 2-3 mm twice a week if you are trimming it by yourself.

Round Face Shape

The main issue of guys with round face is that if they grow long full beard, it makes their faces further round and broad. So for the guys with round faces the long full beard with bushy and rough side burn is a very bad choice. Instead, try a very nice and decent looking goatee style. Trimmed sides with long chin hair give your face a sharp narrow look. If you want to look more stylish then try narrow long mustaches that meets your goatee. Use oils and beard nourishment creams to maintain a healthy decent beard. Trim it every week to maintain its original length.

Square Shaped Faces

Square face shape guys have a very sharp and distinct jaw line. Some guys have very broad and sharp jawline that they feel a need to soften up their look. An overall beard hair that are clipped close to the facial skin will make your square face shape a bit round and give it a slightly soft look.

Full beard styling tips

Rectangular Face Shape

Rectangular face shape is broader and sharper one. The people with rectangular face shape need a short box beard that will not only soften up their broad facial look but also give a very decent impact.

Triangular Shaped Faces

A short face with a sharp pointed chin gives a triangular shape face. Guys with triangular face shape needs to grow their beard hair long to make a round facial shape. If you don’t like a long beard then at least grow it slightly longer than your chin so giving it an overall round look.

Long Face &, Pointed Chin

Guys with long face and pointed chin have a narrow, sharper and longer faces. So the idea of long beard to round up their pointed chin will never benefit you.

For long faced guys with pointed chins the goatee style is best which will round up their chin without further elongating the original face shape.

Take Professional’,s Help If Needed

It is very burdensome and irritating to hang on for months to grow beard and it takes too much patience to bear the rough look. Once you have grown up your beard hair to the length you desired then you need to take a professional help. Because it’s very painful to wait month for beard growth and revise the whole process of beard growth ones again just because of barber’s mistake. If you take a professional’,s help at first time then you can trim and maintain your beard style by yourself at home afterward. Above is a short guide for the starters to choose a best beard style for their facial shape.

Full beard style guide

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