Heavy stubble beard styles. The Best Celebrity Beard Styles to Try Out this Summer, Menprovement

Beards are still very “,in”, at the moment and if you have been watching from the sidelines but now feel you want to join in the fun, you need to think about the style that will best suit your face. Stubble beard styles.

If you are not sure of this, one good way to do it is by looking at celebrities with beards and following their example.

We have put together a list of some of the most fashionable and attractive males in the world of film, TV and elsewhere, who apart from their chosen profession are known as beard owners.

Not only will this list give you a good idea of the options open to you but will also enable you to see how certain beards look on certain faces.

Chris Pratt

The once Parks and Recreation star who dropped countless pounds and gained the physique of a warrior for films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World also has a very cool beard.

If you want to try and recreate his chin hair you need to let your beard grow to a natural length a little longer than you need it to be, then trim around the neck and keep it shorter than your facial hair.

Then you simply buzz up higher on the hair around your cheeks to give it a more structured and natural look.

Leonardo Di Caprio

It seemed as if poor ol’, Leo was going to be forever a nominee, never a winner. That was until he finally won the Best Actor award at the Oscar’,s for The Revenant.

Stubble beard looks

In order to achieve his facial hair style, keep the hair on your sides and cheeks a little less than stubble level and then thin the chin and use a longer setting on your beard trimmer for the moustache area.

Ryan Reynolds

Recently seen gracing the screen with a hideous case of disfigured skin and a red Lycra suit for Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is generally considered to be a handsome man.

If you fancy recreating his 5 o’,clock shadow style stubble beard, you need to use an electric shaver on the setting just above the completely clean-shaven one.

Jon Hamm

As Don Draper, Jon Hamm was all about the sharp suits and traditional suave look.

As Jon Hamm, he has been rocking a full-grown beard look.

In order to achieve this, you need to be able to grow a complete beard around your face, encasing your chin, around your mouth and up your sideburns in hair.

The only place you should really consider shaving is just under your eyes and your forehead.

Stubble beard styles 2010

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is one of those guys that even though you want to hate him because of how cool and good looking he is, you actually can’,t because he does his job well and always comes across as a really good bloke.

If you want to achieve his interesting take on the stubble beard, grow your goatee out first and then shave the sides until your goatee comes our thick and prominent, then just grow out the rest of the hair round your goatee.

David Beckham

Always the style icon that ladies love and men want to emulate, David Beckham has taken to the hipster beard like moths to a light bulb.

Although it is easy for anything to look good on David Beckham, if you can grow a strong and long beard, this might be one way to go about styling it. To get the right look, keep growing your beard everywhere around your chin and neck.

Basically don’,t stop growing your beard until someone tells you to stop.

Keanu Reeves

Ever since the 90’,s, Keanu Reeves has been making girls and women swoon and coo and making guys jealous with the seeming ease at which he can look cool and mysterious all at once. You may have seen his rather odd but unique &ldquo,patchwork&rdquo, beard.

If you want a similar beard, you really need to have a beard and facial hair that doesn’,t quite meet up. Simply grow your beard as best you can, keep it long and wispy and let the natural breaks in hair-covered skin highlight the bearded areas. This is a sure-fire and very easy way to look arty and deep without trying too hard.

Stubble beard styles 2015


There you have it, some great celebrity beard owners to try and copy. To maintain and grow a beard

To maintain and grow a beard correctly, you need to have at your disposal the right tools, such as those discussed on mybeardtrimmer.co.uk.

A razor is obviously needed, also a trimmer if you are serious about shaping and tweaking your hair so it is just right as well as things such as wax, shampoo and oil. Now you have some examples to follow, it’,s time to let that beard grow!

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