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While men they love the sport, women can not get enough of them. Here’,s your vocabulary decoded beard …, Thin beard styles.

Women no longer complain of bearded men. In fact, in the face fuzz it has become the style statement of the day, and what more is attractive too! Think Gerard Butler or Kabir Bedi, the beard of a man that always give surprisingly macho look and imposing presence. But before you decide to wear one, make sure to find out what best suits your face shape to complement its features. If you do not mind experimenting with their looks, then consult a professional stylist to get the perfect style to complement your look. The best thing about a beard is that you can always experiment, but shave them off, if you get bored of watching sports! Here’,s your beard vocabulary

French Beard: The most common, however, varied. Sport French beard in finely and you have a classic winner! Effective and low-maintenance.

Knob: Perilla is a beard formed by a tuft of hair on his chin. It reminds of a goat? You got it! That explains the term “,knob”,. Knobs are common also and are peculiar because they give a different atmosphere for each variable length. By the way Abraham Lincoln also sported a goatee several times during his presidency. You could pair it with Van Dyke, a knob with a disconnected mustache. Also called knocker or circle beard, this works better for guys who have more facial growth around the mouth area.

Wide knob: Similar to Knob beard but extends to the earlobes. Lamb chops: Name sounds crazy and so does look unless you want to make the last half look biker boy. Basically it is a reverse knob with a shaven chin. Furthermore, it is known as the stashburn style in parts of the west.

Beard styles thin cheeks

Patillas: Would you look rockstar with the least amount of effort? Try pins. The name of an American military officers Burnside, this style is simple but make an impression for sure! Pin connecting the scalp hair with beard. Hair grows from the temple to the jaw line.

Used: Studies have shown that women find men with stubble cool. Nothing is better than the occasional afternoon shade 5. Also called neck care, the stubble is the classic, failsafe option. Men with stubble come across as tough, mature, male and most important thing to do for romantic couples. For those who remember going gaga over blurred look of Shah Rukh in Chak De, do we say more?

Chin Fuzz: A young David Beckham then courting Victoria chose the chin fuzz to charm his beloved. A lint chin is a perfect look is for those who do not want to draw attention to their beards. This thin beard is similar to the chin strap.

He pulls the lips: Is a thin strip of hair growth just below the center of the lips. Sport this style without the mustache.

Beard styles thin face

Soul patch: A small patch of thick hair just below the lip above the chin, is cowardly and easy sport. The first memory of the soul patch would be memorable look of Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai. Indeed, that spread like wildfire!

Balbo: This is a knob off with facial hair on his chin. This beard is sure to give men a different look. You must try it to believe it! Ready for a makeover?

Full Beard: The classic! Nothing better than a face full of hair. Of course, we are not asking to look like long lost cousin of the Yeti. Make sure when you grow a full beard, he appeared regularly for an adjustment session. After all, you do not want to kill the sexy beard with a bad nickname “,beary”,.

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